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Scammed by Bridal Registry division of SCD

My fiance and I had the unfortunate experience of being scammed by Brandon M. from the Bridal Registry division of SCD (Superior Culinary Design.) We were promised an all inclusive honeymoon for 3 days and 2 nights for sitting through a Townwwcraft cookware presentation on February 9, 2014 in Tampa, FL at the Courtyard Tampa hotel. We literally bought into his lie that if we purchased some of the cookware that day, our free honeymoon would then by upgraded to 5 days and 4 nights. Being pressed for cash, this was too good to be true and we signed up. We have been told that it is in the mail for over a month now.

Please do not waste your time or money with these companies: 
-Bridal Registry of SCD (Superior Culinary Design) 

Re: Scammed by Bridal Registry division of SCD

  • This is well known.  Sorry you fell for it.  There is no free lunch.
    Many brides don't have a big honeymoon.  I didn't, and I didn't miss it.  We had our special vacations later.
    If you do ever hear from them, check the terms carefully.  The honeymoon trip they offer may not be worth it.

  • I agree with cmgragian. I went to a cookware show which promised a free 3 day 2 night honeymoon. I didn't buy the cookware and when i looked over the honeymoon brochure found out it wasn't worth it (and probably not true anyway). It sucks that there are people like that out there.
  • we did dinner for 2 they said you get dinner and sit through a cooking demo, its a demo to show you buy from us our pans will last a life time no need for oils butters or sprays cook in the pan eat healthy well he crams all this food into the pot cooks it then splits up the food, you and your so share a plate of food more like a sampling of what your food would taste like if you bought them

    said we would get free gifts rings, a knife and something else or a trip we took the rings and knife thing but oh its not free they want 25$ ship and handing for the rings, and 19.95 for the knife no way rip off
  • If you bought it with a credit card, you may be able to challenge the purchase under consumer protection laws. Do you have any documentation saying the purchase came with a honeymoon upgrade?
  • No- we don't have any documentation saying the purchase came with a honeymoon upgrade. This was a very real, very disappointing and very valuable lesson for me. 

    Please no one trust the Bridal Registry division of SCD- Superior Culinary Design. These people are complete scam artists
  • Euch! I hate these! They said that food would be provided, well this "food" consisted of a bite sized piece of chicken breast cooked in that product and two pieces of broccoli and carrots also cooked in the cookware split between me and fi. We won a couple "vacations" that were basically only 3 days long at limited locations where we'd still have to pay for air fair, and they were in the middle of a week day, so we'd have to take time off work and if not used within a year, the trip would expire! Sorry we already booked the honeymoon of our choice within our own parameters and that's what we are using our vacation time on!
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