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Addressing Save the Date / Invites - Special Circumstances...

I've looked around and wanted to see what the etiquette was for addressing Save the Dates and Invitations for certain circumstances. For instance, I have read all over that any guest over the age of 18 should get their own STD / invite. Ok, that's fine. BUT - does this count if they live at home? I have a few guests on my list who are well over 18 and currently reside at the home of their parents. Is it wrong to include them on the same STD? What about the invitation? I am guessing that they still get their own, but figured I'd ask. To me, it seems silly to send 3 STDs to the same house (and same for invitation!) but I want to do what is proper...

Re: Addressing Save the Date / Invites - Special Circumstances...

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    The STD you can send one to each household. The invitations should be sent separately to each adult and their SO. So if adult cousin A  lives with his parents, you can send 1 STD to everyone, but the cousin should get his own wedding invitation separate from his parents.


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    Ok, that's what I thought, I just wanted to make sure! Thanks!
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    It also depends on the people. We sent an STD to my husband's parents and one to his adult brother who lives at home because we knew he would be upset if he didn't get his own STD. I do the same with their Christmas cards.
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  • i have cousins who still live at home without so and so but we just send out one save the date with the family listed on it we are about to send out the invites soon for our june wedding we are sending them 6 weeks out.
    for the familys with adult children still at home its one invite for the whole family

    i have some family who has children still at home some with so and some without so we are wording it this way   w its and invite for mr and mrs john smith and family  and then mr jason smith and mrs jane smith
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