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Budget Resources In Triad area?

My fiance and I are getting married in Greensboro in early November. We are operating on a budget, and while we've got a really reasonable rate on our venue we're not sure where to find the most reasonable prices for things like cake, catering, flowers, hair/makeup, etc. Any Knotties have any pointers on where to go in the Triad? 

Re: Budget Resources In Triad area?

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    For flowers, Costco does arrangements and loose flowers for decent prices. From what I've seen and heard, they run out beautiful. another option is You can buy in bulk and do your own arrangements.

    Hair: Check out different salons and their pricing. I get my hair done at Leon's Salon on Friendly Ave. and it is afforadable. Another option is to do your own hair and makeup.

    Look up Treasures by Teresa for photography based out of Graham, NC. I'm using them and they are amazing. A small family business open t new ideas. Another option is to check with local colleges for photographers. They may do it for cheap to add to their portfolio.

    Cake: Again, Costco and Harris Teeter have good cakes. Nothing super fancy or extravagent but they are pretty and taste good.

  • Hey there.  I might be able to help.  I do photography, and I have worked with several different vendors on food, etc.

    I haven't done much in the way of photography lately - maternity leave.  :D

    I have a Facebook page - Blue Emerald Productions.

    Feel free to message me there!
  • I got my cake from a baker that works out of his home in Kernersville.  I thought his prices were pretty reasonable.  :
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  • Also, if you haven't gotten your dress yet you should go by Diva's on Lawndale.  They have a lot of sample dresses that you can buy off the rack at a steep discount.  They take good care of their sample dresses there- don't use clips and such- so the ones they have are in good shape, not like the sample dresses at some of the bigger Bridal stores.  
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  • We are using Amanda Sutton Photography. She is cheaper than many in the area, and did an amazing job with our engagement shots.  She releases all the photos to you on a disk, with the rights given to you in writing.

    If you happen to need a coordinator, we are using Jennifer Strange.  She is our weekend-of-coordinator (she will direct people, make sure everyone is accounted for, etc).  She is extremely sweet, responds to me SO quickly, and was well within our budget.
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    @ kmdassow  got mine there!, but wasn't a sample though ...
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    Not all of the dresses at Diva's are samples.  They mostly have new dresses there that you have to order, but they also have a good selection of sample dresses you can buy off the rack in the back that are available at a good discount.  
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