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Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake

I'm having an extremely informal wedding (and absolutely no idea how many people, since RSVP's haven't started yet -somewhere between 80 and 150, but there's really no predicting).  I know I want to have a groom's cake, but I'm not sure what the etiquette is when serving two cakes.  A lot of people are coming from out of town, including my FH and myself, so it doesn't make a ton of sense to have lots of leftovers because there won't be many people to take them home.  Does etiquette demand I have enough of both cakes for everyone?  That just seems silly.  Enough of the official wedding cake for everyone, but a smaller groom's cake?  I'm not one to get too hung up on form (seriously - very informal wedding), but I want to make sure I have what I need.  Any advice?

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    The idea behind groom's cakes is that they aren't actually "served" to be eaten at the wedding but to be taken home in slices as favors.  But yes, you would have to have enough of both cakes that everyone can eat/take home one slice of each.
  • @nlh85 I felt the same way you did.. we have lots of OOT guests and I didn't see the logic in sending everyone home on a plane with cake. We are serving the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner instead :)
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    If both cakes are the same flavor, you don't have to have enough grooms cake that every guest gets a slice of it, because you're already serving the same cake as wedding cake. If you have multiple flavors, then you should have enough to serve everyone at least one slice, keeping in mind that many guests will have two slices to try the other flavors.

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