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FI and I are looking for at venues with for an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. We looked at the clubhouse in FIL's neighborhood and generally liked it, except that the main room is only big enough for the tables. But just out the doors from the main room is a lovely covered patio that could function as a dance floor. We're planning for early October in Georgia so the temperature would be just right. Thinking we could put out some string lights, cocktail tables and maybe lawn games.

Anyway, I'm wondering whether it would really "flow" as far as getting everyone outside after dinner. Have any of you been to a reception like this? Did it work or not work? If we did all the typical seated stuff (dinner, toasts and serving dessert) before the spotlight dances, would this setup work?
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Re: Indoor/Outdoor Reception Space

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    I went to a wedding like that last year. Ceremony outside, reception inside, dancing on patio. Everyone really enjoyed the dancing outside. The only thing I will say is that they had some people eat dinner outside because there wasn't enough room inside for all the tables. It was nice to have the tables outside for the dancing, but it wasn't so nice missing everything that happened because we were stuck at one of the tables outside.
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    I'm planning an indoor/outdoor reception & ceremony, as well- albeit in South Philly.  The fiance and I chose the American Swedish Historical Museum, because it offered a good mix of indoor/outdoor options.  I'm dying for an outdoor experience, but was nervous about booking something 100% outdoors since the weather is so peculiar here.  We're *planning* on an indoor ceremony, which will flow into an indoor/outdoor cocktail party, and will have dinner & dancing outside.  Kind of backwards, I guess from most people.  Anyways, after a couple of meetings with my fab caterer/wedding planner (Jeffrey Miller :)) I'm convinced that it will have a really natural flow.  If your reception space has done it before and seems confident I don't think that will be a problem at all.  I, for one, am excited about the change of pace!
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    I had an indoor/outdoor reception.  Some people were seated inside and some outside.  Although, It did help that the indoor space was glass, so whether you were in or out, you still could see and hear what was going on.  
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