How to preserve flowers?

Ok, I have adequately googled this before asking. Everything that pops up is the method of "hang upside down for 4 weeks to dry and you're done". I did that in high school with prom flowers and birthday bouquets and they came out terrible. They lost all color and just became shriveled up crap that snapped off when touched. Are there other ways? There was a picture floating around Pinterest (I know, not a good source) that showed red roses in a shadow box/ frame and they were perfectly red and plump. Is there a way to do that or is it BS?



Re: How to preserve flowers?

  • You can dry roses in silica. You pretty much have to take your bouquet apart and dry each flower in silica and then put your bouquet back together after they are dried. I've done this with individual flowers, but never a full bouquet. I don't know any other ways unless you have a professional do it. I think they freeze dry them, but I'm not positive.
  • There is a new process where your flowers are freeze dried to preserved them. It looks amazing but so is the price (amazingly expensive). I did some research on this process & the reason it's so expensive is that first they take several photos of your bouquet from different angles, then they take it apart for the process. Then they freeze dry them and then reassemble. The ones I have seen were done in shadow boxes. You have to get your flowers to them while it's still fresh too, so first you need to make sure you pick flowers that will hold up through your whole wedding day & then ship them overnight the next day to get them preserved.
  • @erikan73 Oh that must be the pictures I saw. Screw that, sounds like it would cost more than the actual bouquet! lol Thank you!



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