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Piano/Cello Songs for Ceremony

Hi! I am planning on hiring a pianist and cellist for my upcoming wedding and looking for song ideas for the bridal party entrance and the bride entrance! I love the traditional music but I think I want to go with something more unique and different. I am thinking more on just the instrumental side. Let me know if you have any suggestions :) 

Re: Piano/Cello Songs for Ceremony

  • I also hoping to have piano and cello for my wedding.  I'm going to be using a song or two from the Piano Guys if I can make everything work out. - or check out their youtube site.
  • I would ask to see what they have in their repertoire first. We had to pay extra for our string trio to put together the arrangements of some of our songs b/c they didn't already have them. Also, I would go online and Google for (or if who you're hiring has a website, they might have sample music to listen to) for songs and samples of those instruments so you can hear them. 

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