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Gift for the groom

Would anyone like to share what they got/are getting their groom as a wedding day gift?  I'm at a bit of a loss.  He's not a jewelry & luxury items kind of guy, and a new game or clothing seems kind of un-special.

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  • We originally decided not to get gifts for each other, but on a shopping trip I found a beautiful necklace that I thought was too expensive, yet would be perfect with my dress. FI bought this necklace and told me I couldn't wear it until the wedding. 

    I had found a water color of his favorite piece of artwork that was signed by the author. I had been waiting and when I finally got it, I decided he couldn't have it until closer to the wedding. Originally it was just to see his reaction but he was ok with it, as long as I don't store it in the house where he could be tempted lol.
  • @ pairs of cufflinks and 3 massages from his massage therapist.

    He got me a framed print we both loved at a recent Arts Festival.
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    I'm getting my FI this watch from Victorinox. He's not a jewelry/dress up guy either. But he's also super interested in automatic watches and being able to see the movement (this watch has a clear plate in the back so you can see the gears and stuff).


    What hobbies is your FI interested in? Maybe you can find him something small but high quality that can be engraved with a short message? I considered getting my FI some sort of special woodworking tool or a new lens for his camera but the watch seemed more appropriate for a wedding day gift.

  • H likes cigars (eew...) and I bought him a travel humidor so he could bring back cigars from our honeymoon without getting them damaged.
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  • Fi and I decided not to really get each other gifts. However, we did decide to splurge and get custom wedding bands made. We mutually decided that the rings would be a perfect gift to each other for our wedding. He bought mine. I bought his. They were made to match. They are different  but beautiful and it helps that no one had any say at all in their design just because they were footing the bill for the rings. They are completely "ours" and I'm so happy it's that way.

    It may not be the typical way to do things, but we're super happy and excited about our "gifts". We will wear them for the rest of our lives as a symbol of our love and commitment to each other, so we could really think of no better gift to give.

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  • I bought my FI monogrammed cufflinks that he can wear on the day of. I've been dropping hints to him that although I'm wearing my mom's pearl jewelry as my "something borrowed," I would reeeeally love pearl earrings for the wedding.
  • I'm giving mine a photo album from my boudoir shoot and a monogrammed flask filled with Grey Goose vodka so he can take a swig or two before he walks down the aisle. :)
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  • My FI loves watches so I am planning to spurge by by him one thats a little more than he would normally purchase for himself. I am hopping to have the back engraved and have my MOH deliver to him on wedding day with a note that says "see you at 4'oclock"
  • Cuff Links, Cigars and a really nice scotch 
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