How much did you spend on your wedding flowers and what did they look like?

Title says it all.

Trying to get a ballpark idea of what flowers in the Philadelphia area cost! I have a feeling that I better start saving my pennies...we are likely going to need 20-22 centerpieces!

Post pictures if you have 'em! 


Re: How much did you spend on your wedding flowers and what did they look like?

  • I'm in the same boat as you with the centerpieces, we ordered 20 but we will see how many we actually need when it's closer. For 20 centerpieces + 2 tall arrangements for church + my bouquet + small flower girl bouquet + BM flowers + 7 boutineers for GM and FI + 8 corsages/boutineers for grandparents and parents I'm looking at 3k. So in summary, start saving! haha.
    I don't have the invoice in front of me to tell you the cost of just the centerpieces I just know the total for everything, hope that helps.

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  • I got my bouquet, 5 BM  bouquet, 2 FG baskets, 10 boutonnieres, 5 corsages, 2 large topiary ceremony arrangements, 8 aisle pomanders, ribbon to block off the parents' rows; 11 low glass centerpieces decorated with silver and filled with red and purple flowers, 8 tall centerpieces made to look like lamps with underwater lighting (decorated(lampshades, lights, roses, crystals) 10 sports themed cocktail table arrangements  in ceramic baseballs, footballs, etc; one large arrangement for the placecard table; a wreath for the door; vase of memory flowers in honor of my Dad; 6 bouquet vases; and sweetheart table decorations, set up and delivery for also around 3K, .  My flowers were beautiful and so different from anything else I've seen.  Leslie from Whimsical Welcomes is so creative.  She'll work with any size budget and I think I got a lot for my money - more than any other florist offered.  The other florists I met with charged at least 1K more. I haven't checked in a while to see if my wedding is up on her blog yet, but you should check it out.  She did my friend's wedding for about $1600, but she didn't have high pieces or quite as much as I did.  I really liked working with her and I was very involved in the whole process.
  • @ifeelgoodifeelgreatifeelwonderful : Do you mind me asking who you are using as your florist? -- it sounds like we have VERY similar needs in terms of floral arrangements! I am not even doing flowers for the church (we are getting married in a GORGEOUS church, so I don't think it needs any flowers!) but similar in terms of centerpieces/bouquets/corsages/boutonnieres/etc. 3K is actually not as bad as I would have thought considering the quantity! Do you have a mixture of centerpieces (half tall/half short) or are they all short or all tall? I'm thinking of doing half short and half tall. Our venue has REALLY high ceilings so without tall centerpieces, there's nothing that "fills" the space and it looks a little funky. 

    @jimbosbride : WOW! That's AMAZING! I'm totally okay with that much quantity (especially if it is of quality!) for a $3K price tag! I will definitely look into Whimsical Welcomes. Thank you SO much! We are having a very formal wedding and the space is gorgeous, but the ceilings are very high so I definitely want some high centerpieces to fill the space. I'm totally okay with going half high and half low because doing all high centerpieces might be "too much" and take away from the gorgeous architecture of the room. It's weird because I haven't felt weird about spending money on great food, a huge band, guest transportation, and a photographer but I'm having a hard time justifying spending an exorbitant amount of money on flowers....probably because they die and because they won't directly contribute to our guests' comfort/enjoyment. Thanks so much for your recommendation, though--I will definitely have to pay them a visit!

  • You can contact Leslie through her website.  She works out of her home so you'd have to make an appointment with her.  Working out of her home is one of the reasons her flowers are so reasonable  - she doesn't have that extra overhead!  I thought flowers were very important and Leslie's low centerpieces lasted more than one and a half weeks after the wedding. - looong after it was over.   And she suggested ways to dry some of my flowers - and those I still have.  She even showed me how to dry press flowers and make cards out of them.  So along with my photographs - I do have lasting flowers from my wedding!
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