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Ads on the site crashing browser

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Anyone else? I use Firefox and it's up to date. Seems to be Adobe, but I've updated that too. I've also run MalwareBytes, but it's still happening. Same problem is happening on one other site I frequent, but not all the others.

Re: Ads on the site crashing browser

  • After a little experimentation, I've found that this only happens when I'm using Firefox. If I use IE (which I prefer not to use as it has too many holes), I see no imbedded ads, no popups, and nothing crashes. So apparently it's a problem on either my end or Firefox. Just in case the tech monkeys want to know. However, I really don't want to use IE on this site because I STILL cannot post anything unless I use the rich text button, and when I do that my paragraphs disappear. Like right now. Is there really nothing at all that tech can do about this? We've been talking about it for almost a year. This is not a problem at all in Firefox, only IE.
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