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What hair accessory?

My dress is a Moro lee style 4701, it looks exactly like the stock photos in the same golden/ champagne color. It's very pretty pretty. I don't want a tiara but I was considering a crystal and pearl headband of some sort but I don't know for sure. I'd like to have a gold tone pearl necklace and bracelet as well as some sort of earring. I am also wearing a blusher veil but it won't cover my face(it hits about elbow/fingertip length on me...just a simple veil). Any ideas of hairstyles/accessories??

Re: What hair accessory?

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    Are you leaning towards down, half up, or fully up? Sleek or loose and romantic?
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    I was thinking updo but i think it's much more "me" to either have it half up or all the way down. I have a veil but I'm not sure if i want to wear it. I'd like a more romantic feel...
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    I had a champagne dress and I opted for a skinner style crystal headband (I bought on e-bay for a fraction of bridal shop price). I had my veil (also a finger tip veil) set towards the top of the back of my head, so the headband showed off but still blended in. I had decent size dangle earrings & a bracelet. Due to the amount of bling on my dress though I felt that adding a necklace in combo with the earrings & headband was going to be too much for my taste, but you dress has less embellishment on the top then mine did so having all of it might be just right.

    If you have any fittings coming up or if you haven't picked up your dress yet, try it one when you get it and ask them to bling you up at the salon with the style of accessories you are thinking. You don't have to buy it there but then you'll get an idea if you like it all together or want to go a different direction with your accessories. And remember, even if you buy something, you can always change your mind the last minute & skip to wear a piece.


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