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Stupid annoyances

1. My refrigerator buyer fell through.  First it was, get it Sunday instead of Sat.  Then it was get it Sunday night. Then nothing.  Last night I asked what the story was.  This morning the husband called to say family things came up and they just couldn't spend the money.  I'm annoyed, but what can you do.

Then the wife starts texting that her cousin had an aneurysm and is in icu and the kids aren't sleeping and they have to work and they can't get a truck.....she's been texting all morning.  No lie 14 texts.  I told her I hope the cousin recovers, but I kind of don't care.  I don't really know any of them.  I REALLY don't care that her kids didn't sleep.

2.  My friend keeps saying she has the flu.  It's the stomach virus.  It sucks, but it's not the flu.  Stop saying you're getting the flu shot so you don't get this again.

Add yours so my list doesn't end at 3.

Re: Stupid annoyances

  • 4) finished my jury duty yesterday. I didn't even manage to hooky from a dreaded client meeting. Poo.

    They were also taking volunteers for grand jury as well. It actually sounded fun, assuming they weren't lying. There were opportunities for visiting a high security prison, the death chamber, riding with a cop for a shift, police helicopter, etc. But, damn, it's s three month long commitment three days a week. I can't pull that at work and not have huge stuff fall through the cracks. Stupid job.
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  • I'm with you on the sob story crap.  Yes, it sucks, but you don't need to know what's going on.  They just needed to apologize and cancel.


    - I want to junk punch people at the gym who don't clean the equipment after they use it.  I don't know how clean things actually get after the spray & wipedown, but I definitely don't want to touch something you left your body sweat all over.

    - This is lame and I swore I wouldn't complain about the weather anymore, but there's farking snow on the ground this morning.  Just enough so you can't see grass anymore.  I wanted to rip off my clothes like the hulk when I looked out.

    - I'm annoyed that the girls don't keep their rooms clean.  Completely irrational, considering they're 4 and 2, but I stepped on an evil toy that actually bruised the bottom of my foot, so I'm a little honked off.

  • H's grandmother that lives with us is driving me crazy, yes she is almost 91 but she was crazy when I met her over 30 years ago so its just that she is that way on purpose.  My GM lived with us for awhile too but she had full blown alzheimers so she had an excuse, this lady is annoying, mean and lies.

    I am having no luck finding new customers, I have had this job for over 20 years, I should be having it easy now, not working so hard for nothing, uggg. 


  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    Firstest world problem: I was hoping to get in with my masseuse this week because my scoliosis-riddled back hurts sooooo damn much right now, but his first availability that overlaps my own is two weeks from yesterday, sigh.

    This weekend, I become a video game widow because Elder Scrolls Online is finally releasing.

  • --I am seriously annoyed with DH right now.  Every time we talk about this job situation, he acts like something is on fire.  It's not.  The latest:

    a) his regional manager and the national warehouse manager are in town.  The MI plant needs 2 supervisors and a manager.  His regional works out of MI.  His regional told him yesterday that they need to 'talk' before he leaves town.  The national manager pulled him aside yesterday and laid it on thick for us to take MI.  I'm sure there will be more of that with the regional guy.  DH has the upper hand.  They need him more than he needs them.  If he thinks about this strategically, he can string them along while we figure out what we're doing.  I told him that we won't accept relocation until June at the earliest.  I'm not putting the house on the market until the kiddo's out of school.  I also told him that he needs to tell his regional he'll help out MI, but not until closer to Easter.  He hasn't had but one day off in 3 weeks, the kids are on spring break next week, and he needs a break in general.  This will also buy him time on hearing back on the job front, which brings me to...

    b) He's applied for 4 or 5 jobs in a week and a half.  He's *fuh-reaking* out that he's heard nothing.  He's not being rational about this at.all.  I had to point out to him yesterday that a few likely scenarios are: whoever pulls electronic apps hasn't gotten to it yet, it's been passed to a hiring manager and is sitting on a desk/in someone's email, people are on spring break, it's the end of the 1st quarter.  My mom told me that my dad is just now hearing back for jobs he applied for a month ago.  

    And he's all, "If we move, I can be making $xx (close to what we make together now) in two years."  Um yeah, that's what we make now and we still don't know if I'll try to find a job, be a SAHM, work part-time, or something else.  But we will be going w/o my income for at least a month or two and we don't know what my earning potential is. 

    ALSO, the closest 'nice' place (not in BFE) we can live is 45 min from the plant in MI.  That's how far we are now.  We both hate his current commute and I hate the fact that he's been working 11-12 hour days and can get caught up in work BS at the drop of a dime that delays his ability to come home.  I hate the fact that I've had little to no adult interaction outside of my sitter for the last few weeks because DH doesn't get home until after 7 and is in bed by 9-9:30pm.  

    He, of course, swears it will be different, but there's not much inspiring my confidence right now.  

  • mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    I get you on the not cleaning up thing Taw.  I thought I had cleaned everything up before I worked out last week, but I missed a car and stepped on it.  I think I threw it across the room because I was so annoyed.  I want my kid to clean his shit up, but he's you know...3.  Ha. He only helps so far. 

    The weather is making me want to punch a puppy or a baby or something.  (disclaimer: I don't punch babies or puppies or anything except a punching bag ;)
  • Ugh, conn.  ::hugs:: I'm sorry things are so sucky right now.  Your DH does need a break.  And so do you.  

  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Ugh Conn.  Those are major annoyances.
  • tawillers said:

     I stepped on an evil toy that actually bruised the bottom of my foot, so I'm a little honked off.

    DD had this horrible zigzaggy metal headband/tiara thing with silver butterflies and rhinestones and crap affixed to it. I stepped on that thing half a dozen times and killed my foot every time. Stepped on it again Sunday night, and threw it in the trash.
  • I thought I was done with leaking, but I guess not. So I woke up smelling lie, breast milk. And I've been so busy this morning I haven't showered and I still smell like it. I guess this isn't an annoyance but just damn disgusting.
  • WzzWzz member
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    conn, i feel you. let me just say that things always have a way of working out. trust me.  ;)


    i'm often mad about the toddler mess i usually have to navigate through. kid doesn't understand that throwing toys and emptying his toybox is NOT fun for everyone else in the house. but it's fun for him, so i guess we wait for hiim to grow out of this.

  • Chipmunk415Chipmunk415 at the corner of Wine Ave. and Margarita Ln. member
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    First World/Etiquette annoyance- I was so proud of myself for getting all my thank you notes out within 2 weeks of my wedding (possible because I did the notes for gifts received before the wedding at time of receipt). As of today, I've received 3 gifts. I have to find my notes, envelopes, and stamps again, but damnit, they will go out immediately!
  • @mrs.conn23 - is Houston completely off the table? (*fingers crossed for no*)
  • @mrs.conn23 - is Houston completely off the table? (*fingers crossed for no*)
    Yes... ::sigh::

    I'm really upset that TX didn't work out. :(  
  • @mrs.conn23 - is Houston completely off the table? (*fingers crossed for no*)
    Yes... ::sigh::

    I'm really upset that TX didn't work out. :(  
  • 0Face0Face member
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    I'm *DYING* at the upside down smile barbie.  BAH!

    My week has been touch and go.  I finally feel like I'm actually learning my keep around here and I still get annoyed by stupid stuff.  Like one day this task is my job and the next?  nope someone else's.  And then maybe mine again...make up your mind.  DAMN IT.  <<silly I know

    Conn---I don't know how you do it.  Do you drink a lot?  Because I would drink a lot.

  • GBCKGBCK member
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    Mi isn't all sucky...but, I say that as someone who's applying out of state as I type.  (but you're absolutely right that not all areas there are created equal.  Honestly, I have the commute from hell because damned if I"m going to move closer to where I work or let my kid go to school in the area where I work!)

    At least idiots who get the flu shot for the wrong reason still increase herd immunity?

    I have a migraine.  It's not the world's worst but it's significantly worse than the little 'background noise' ones.  I can NOT get ahead of it.  I have thrown EVERY drug in my arsenal (FTR, that's not a small number of drugs--w're talking fioricet, midrin, ultram, vicoden, vicoprofin, and 2 other things I can't remember) at max dosages, and I only ever move it from a 4 to a 2 or 1, never to a 0.
    I'm hoping this is, at leat in part, 'weekender' headache from getting un-stressed by the event being over

    2-I have successfully made sure we over-ordered food for the math thingy on friday.
    (these are HS kids.  2/3 of them will be from 'good' schools.  1/3 of them will be more local and are from poor schools.  In order to come and do this amazing math stuff, the kids involved will miss school brekfast AND school we order to damn much food and, yes, we carb load them [I also make sure they have helathy options and the chance to take some stuff--apples, doughnuts, etc- that have leftovers home], because it's not going to be on my conscience that anyone had a hungry weekend.

    3-I am doing resumes right now.  wisxh me luck
  • ftrMrs0 said:

    Conn---I don't know how you do it.  Do you drink a lot?  Because I would drink a lot.

    I keep a stocked wine rack.  ;) 
  • Today's minor annoyance: I feel like I constantly have to go to Target and it's annoying. Went Saturday. Went at lunch yesterday, and when I picked DS up from DC they said he was running low on cereal. So guess where I'm headed at lunch?
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