The State Room and questions to ask when touring venues

I've seen some older posts regarding receptions at The Sate Room.  I am planning a september 2015 wedding (around 150 people) and this is at the top of my list.  We are going to take a tour on Saturday (followed by the Omni Parker House's roof top ballroom).  Wondering if anyone has been to or had their reception here recently?   This will be the first venue we're looking at.  What types of questions should I ask? Thank you! 

Re: The State Room and questions to ask when touring venues

  • I am getting married at the State Room this coming June. Who are you touring with? 

    My only advice is to make sure you are absolutely clear with what you want for a proposal. There is a $40,000 food and bev minimum at the State Room but they let you roll your upgrades into that minimum.

    Below are a list of questions my sister (who use to plan weddings at the Royal Sonesta and now does it in Vegas) gave me prior to looking at venues last year.

    My fiance and I attempted to book rooms at the Omni Parker House for our wedding this summer and we so unhappy with the run around they gave us and the last minute jacking of room prices that we ended up going with the Hilton Boston Downtown/ Faneuil Hall which was only $10 more a night than the original quoted price from the Omni Parker House.


    \VENUE NAME:                                            


    1.  Availability:

    a.  Preferred Date #1                                           Y        N

    b.  Preferred Date #2                                           Y        N

    c.  Preferred Date #3                                            Y        N


    1. General Information:

    a.  Will multiple weddings be taking place at the same time?     

                       **If Yes How Many?                           **

    b.    Parking – Complimentary or Charge?                                     

    c.    Is There A Venue Fee?                                                       

    d.    Are we allowed to use vendors that are not on your Preferred Vendor List?                                                  


    1. Capacity:

    a.  Ceremony Capacity:                                                             

    b.  Reception Capacity:                                                             

    c.  If ceremony is outdoors will indoor space be held as back up for inclimate weather?                                                                  


    1. Ceremony Information:

    a.  Ceremony Fee:                                                                     

    b.  Time Of Ceremony:                                                             

    c.  How far in advance can vendors have access to the room so they may set up (florist, music, etc):                                       

    d.  Will a Ceremony Rehearsal be scheduled for the day/night before?                      Is this an additional fee?              


    1. Reception Information:

    a.  How long is the Reception:                                                   

    b.  Does the Reception need to end by a certain time:               

    c.  Is the cocktail hour in a different space than dinner?          

    d.  What size are the tables – 72” or 60”?                                

    e.  Are we required to have 10 people per table?                      

    f.  What linens are part of the package (cotton/poly blend, bridal satin, organza, etc)?                                                         

    g.  Are the linens floor length?                                                 

    h.  Are chivari chairs part of the package?                               

    i.  Size of the dance floor:                                                       

    j.  What is the ratio of waitstaff to guests:                             

    k.  What is the ratio of bartenders to guests:                         

    l.  How much is the bartender fee:                                           

    m.  If we choose to get our wedding cake from another vendor what is the credit we receive (per person) on the package: 

    n.  Is there a cake cutting fee?                                                

    o.  For the cocktail hour – how many hors d’oeuvres is it per person (if the package allows us to pick 6 is it 6 pieces per person and that’s it or is it unlimited passed of the 6 that were selected)?                                                                                   

    p.  Is there a fee for split entrée (offering guests 2 different entrees):                                                                                

    q.  Are we allowed to do choice of night of or do guests need to select their entrees ahead of time?                                            

    r.  What are the options for vegetarians & vegans?                                                                                                                            

    s.  What is the food & beverage minimum that would be contracted?                                                                                


    1. Payment Information:

    a.  How much is due with the signed contract?                          

    b.  What is the deposit schedule after that?                                                                                                                                               


    c.    When is the final payment due?                                           

    d.    How can payments be made (personal check, bank check, credit card):                                                                    

    e.    Do you require a credit card for back-up/additional charges the night of the wedding?:                                                        

    f.    How long can we place a courtesy hold on the date before going to contract?                                                          


    1. Additional Fees

    a.  Besides bartender fees what other additional fees are not included in the package:                                                                   

  • My fiance has also DJed a wedding at the Omni Parker House at the roof top. Plenty of space but load in for vendors as well as guests who may need assistance getting up stairs is kind of a pain. DJ/Bands have to load in through the kitchen and those who need assistance with stairs would have to take the service elevator from one floor to the roof top floor. I don't know if that's really a deal breaker for you.

    BTW, we toured with Diane at the State Room and we are working with Carrie as our event specialist. LOVE them both!
  • @megmcdevitt - love that form with the questions! A few questions I would also ask would be about tax and service charges that are NOT included with the price of the meal and if there are any requirements about using their preferred vendors/fees for using someone not on their list.
  • Thank you! We met w Diane today.  Of course, I totally fell in love with it.  We looked at Omni Parker afterwards and were not impressed at all.  My fiancee wants to look at more places before we make a decision but my mind is already made up.  We're looking at the Taj and Four Seasons next wknd.
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