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Speaking of self invites

catlady14catlady14 member
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edited March 2014 in Snarky Brides
I was reading about how common it is for people to invite themselves to your wedding in E and just had to share this story. I was friends with a girl in high school but have not talked to her since graduation (over 8 years ago) but am friends with her on FB. She randomly messaged me on Christmas day and the exchange went like this:

FB Friend: Merry Xmas, how are you? Hope all is good, I'm going to cut to the chase. I heard you are getting married and and to let you know i haven't received my STD. J/k Just wanted to say hi. I spoke to X and you came up. Anyways, I'll be waiting for the STD. 
(X is a mutual friend who is invited)

Me: Holy cow, how are you? Haven't talked to you in what, seven or eight years? How are you? How's life? Yes, I'm getting married, crazy stuff. What have you been up to? 

FBF: I know, haven't talked in forever. Things are good, going to school. I still talk to X sometimes and to Y and Z too. When's the big day?
(Y and Z are other HS friends I have no contact with)

Me: Oh, in summer. That's awesome you guys still talk; guess that its easy when you live in the same state. Tell me more about your school, what are you studying? How's everything else?

FBF: Everything is good, school is fine. Sooo... about your wedding, Y, Z, and I are still waiting for your invite. It should be fun and are looking forward to it.

Me: I wish I could invite everyone and have a reunion but it's a small wedding with families. We should all get together next time I'm in town and catch up. What made you go back to school?

FBF: (FB thumbs up emoticon)

That was the last thing she wrote to me and this was over three months ago. I kept trying to bean dip as I've learned here but she would NOT let it go! I felt bad at first because I began to think about how maybe I should invite them to my wedding until I told my FI. FI promptly reminded me that I had not spoken to any of those people in almost a decade and that our wedding was no place for a HS reunion. Things like that remind me of why I love him.

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Re: Speaking of self invites

  • Wow. Fishing much?

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  • larrygagalarrygaga Czechoslovakia member
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    So clearly shes very interested in a relationship with you and not just an excuse to go to a free dinner and possibly drink event. 



    LOL. If it were me I wouldn't have responded to that, possibly I would have just deleted her off facebook. 
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  • Very tactful bean-dipping on your part! Since it's been 3 months dare I say you got your point across and she's backed off? Hope so..good luck!
  • I figured she got the hint when she did not respond after a few days but it was just very uncomfortable to have to just say you're not invited. At first I thought she was joking and was using my wedding as a talking point but nope, just wanted a reunion on our dime. This is why the only things wedding related I ever posted on FB was "I'm engaged" and relationship status change.
  • Inkdancer said:
    I think I would have had some fun with her...

    "Yes, it's this summer, on the first full moon of June. We'll all be wearing flowers... nothing but flowers. We will be having a sacred fast to meditate on our connection with the earth, so no food. Then we'll be doing a midnight hike (barefoot) to the top of a mountain to call our emotions out to the moon. I think our Tibetan Scream-Singers will be a real hit! Afterward, Groom and I will be doing the traditional consummation with everyone observing, to share in our love and joy. I so hope you can join us."
    My colors are "blood of my enemies" and "rage".

  • Great bean dipping skils! Wow, some people are just rude! I think if you hadn't heard from them sense, they probably got the hint, if not, then I'd start doing some FB housecleaning!
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