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Pay/Donation for Non-Denominational Officiant?

How much is the appropriate donation or fee for a non-denominational pastor to officiate?

We're getting married at a non-church venue, and we're planning to ask the pastor of a church I used to attend to officiate. He leads a very small church so I doubt he has a set fee for weddings. We don't see him often, but I'm still close with his wife even though I no longer attend their church. We've narrowed our venue search down to two options, one a few minutes from his home and one about 45 minutes away, if that makes a difference. We plan to invite the pastor, his wife, and his son as guests even if he doesn't officiate.

So I'm wondering how much to budget for this, and how much to tell him if he asks how much we will pay. How much is appropriate?
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Re: Pay/Donation for Non-Denominational Officiant?

  • hlvonbhlvonb member
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    We're giving a donation of $100

    Also, he shouldn't ask. I would be surprised if he did.
  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta member
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  • I'd be surprised if he doesn't have a set fee... It's his job and I am sure he doesn't expect to do it for free. Preparation of a message, gas, travel time, maybe a rehearsal etc. all take up his time.

    I'd definitely ask what he charges. For comparison, our pastor was $250.

  • We asked our officiant (straight out!) the average donation he receives for weddings.

    Keep in mind, you don't have to give him money. We work at a Bible Camp, and we gave him a weekend free in one of the nice family cabins at our Camp (which would usually go for about $150 a night).
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