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An old fave, WFD?

I am pan/oven roasting some chicken thighs, the recipe reviews are ful of people claiming they dream about this chicken, so I am excited. I just need to decide on sides. How about you guys?

Re: An old fave, WFD?

  • No idea. Usually on Wednesdays we meet up and dinner with H's parents and do the kid swap.
  • Wednesdays are gymnastics class, so we usually give Wolverine something quick at home, and then grab takeout on our way to class. Usually chicken of intolerance at CFA (it's easy, quick, and right across the street) - but we've expanded to include a few other restaurants. 

    I'm feeling kinda blah today, and DK is telling me he wants to brew tonight (meaning I'd take her on my own), so plans may change. 

    (if anyone is interested, DK is trying his first non-kit, beer with a recipe he wrote himself - it's going to be a "cinnamon bun" brown ale.)
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    Baked ziti and a green salad.
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    I picked up one of those Kraft things you just dunk your chicken in and bake.  It was intended for a simple supper during construction, but we never used it until Monday.  We'll have leftovers of that with roasted potatoes, carrots, and parsnips. 

    Max and Matthew split a portion the first night and Max ended up eating part of mine too.  I'm curious to see what this kid weighs at his appointment next week.

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    I'm thinking fast food...which is stupid of me.
    Maybe I'll do eng. muffin pizzas.  again.
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    I have leftovers from my pork last night.  Maybe I"ll cut it up and make some pork tacos.  I love tacos.  Yes, it's decided.
  • Chicken caesar salad
  • Probably the left overs we were supposed to have last night, until DH had to go to a last minute dinner thing and I had the boys at the kiddo's guitar lesson.  I said fuckitall and got Taco Hell. 

    If H gets home before 7 tonight, I'm ditching him with the kids and going to the mall.  I need to return some stuff and get DefConn some clothes for his bday and Easter basket.  I may go to the $1 store to see about some activities or party bag stuff for the kids coming to his party. 

  • Operation lower cholesterol is on and popping so something green with some kind of protein. Don't I sound excited!!!!!
  • Eh, fridge leftover something or other.

    Not allowed to cook tonight or spend money. It's the only way we'll manage to get caught up on dishes.
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  • Homemade Hamburger Helper. It's my one meal of the week that I cook something special for DS. This is one of his faves.
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    DH and I met for lunch, then my office had cake to celebrate one of our support staff taking his oath of citizenship (very happy for him!)

    Dinner, if I eat, will be a cup of yogurt. Right now I'm too full.

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