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Hayley Paige Brides?

Are there any other Hayley Paige brides out there? Shes fairly new on the bridal gown market so its difficult to find real brides wearing her gowns at this time. Please post a pic if you wore her dress and please post if you will be wearing her dress at your wedding for inspirsation. Thanks!


I am getting married October 2014 and will be wearing Hayley Paige HP6362 "Khaleesi"

Re: Hayley Paige Brides?

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    This isn't the style I was looking for, but I still LOVE it.  Can't wait to see more. 
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    Ok, I already have a wedding gown and it's not Hayley Paige but this funny thing just happened. When I read the subject of this post I read "Hayley Paige BRAIDS" and the model in your pictures has a braid so I was thinking

    "Huh, a side braid for a wedding - interesting idea."

    OMG - fail. LOL Took me like two minutes to figure out that you were referring to a dress designer.

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    I am wearing that dress on my wedding day this November. I love all of her dresses but this one looked great on!!! The only draw back is I didn't have the budget to buy the beaded overlay part. I was actually hoping maybe I can find it online to buy second hand :)

    I think has some real weddings wearing her dresses!
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    Yay!! I'm wearing Londyn 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
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    I am wearing the Khaleesi dress September 2015! I have been dreaming of the dress since the day I tried it on.  I purchased the bolero to wear with it for the reception, but it looks amazing without it as well. For the ceremony I will be wearing it strapless with a veil. This dress is breathtaking. Trying to decide what shoes will go best with it though...any suggestions?
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    @mr062080 I'm wearing mine with sparkly cobalt blue platform pumps. But the dress is floor length and the shoes won't show without effort so I hardly think it matters what to wear with them. First choice was ivory Badgley mischkas with the chiffon flower on top but I decided on the blue for a bit more excitement. What I haven't decided on is whether to wear the bolero at the ceremony or not.
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