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Hi All!

I am looking into getting married in the Boston area, preferably within or as close to the city as possible. Ideally, I am interested in venues that are on the water  or that have a beautiful view of the city. I am also interested in venues with food & beverage minimums that are in the $15-20k range, as I intend to have only 100 guests or fewer. I also would like to get married in September on a Saturday evening.

I'm interested in Hotel Marlowe and Boston Marriot Longwharf, but I was disappointed with the minimums (~28 k after taxes). Danversport Yacht Club and Salem Waterfront Hotel are more within my ideal price range, and I'm having a tough time finding anything that is competitive with these places.

I'm not the pickiest bride, so I would LOVE to hear any suggestions or experiences that you have had with smaller weddings in the Boston area!

Thanks for reading!

~ Rebecca

Re: Venue Suggestions

  • Hi Rebecca -

    We had similar issues with minimums since we were having a "small" wedding...We got married at the Lenox Hotel in October on the Saturday of Columbus Day.  We had 120 people, so with less than 100 you'd be well within your budget!  They're used to working with smaller weddings and they'll work with you to stay within your budget.  They also only do one wedding a weekend and you will feel like royalty....I can't say enough about them! Alison is amazing to work with!
  • Thank you so much for your response! For some reason we had taken a brief look at this place and had dismissed it as likely WAY out of our price range. It does seem quite reasonable and very beautiful!
  • We thought the same when we initially looked at it...but the price per person does include a lot, including open bar, the cake, taxes & service charges - which was nice, super easy to plan & no surprise charges (ie no cake cutting fee, no fee for using coat check, etc).  They were really flexible on things, so you might even be able to get the price down some more by asking to go from a 4 course to 3 course dinner?
  • Figured I would update this for anyone who is interested in a similar venue. We decided to go with Hotel Marlowe, which we fell in love with instantly. We thought that the Lenox was also very beautiful, and it was a tough decision. Both of the planners we had met with were great, though.
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