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Hotel information

We have a lot of out of town guests coming to our wedding, so we blocked off a bunch of hotel rooms close to our venue. I have listed this information on our wedding website. My FMIL is insistent that I create a insert to mail out with the invitations. This really just seems like a lot of extra work. Won't people go to the website if they are curious about that information?  




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Re: Hotel information

  • Cookie PusherCookie Pusher Looking over your shoulder
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    We have several elderly family members who would not go online for any reason. Also, because of the logistics of our venue (public property, all vehicles must be off grounds by 10 pm so we're suggesting anyone who intends to drink alcoholic beverages can park at the hotel even if they aren't staying there and take the shuttle), we're including an insert with parking information along with just the room block info. The hotel we booked with actually provided us with our inserts, so we didn't have any extra work to do.

  •  We also added the hotel information on the website. (Had the website on our save-the-dates & invites). Then we also made sure to tell family etc, by word of mouth. I messaged certain family members, and my parents made sure to call others, to let them know. I wouldn't have wasted extra time on the inserts myself, but I would say that's your best bet otherwise.

  • ScoutFScoutF
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    edited March 2014
    We printed an accommodations card that listed the hotels, their addresses, and phone numbers, but we also listed the website at the bottom of the insert. I believe it said something along the lines of "Please visit (website) for reservation links and maps."

    ETA: It was slightly bigger than business card size. You can get those printed very inexpensively on Vistaprint, or you could buy the paper yourself and print at home.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston
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    I would put it on an insert.  Not everyone is going to look at your website.  Some people aren't tech-savvy.  Others don't like wedding websites.
  • We just ordered our invites last night and included an accommodations card.

    It will have the address, phone number, date to book by, and shuttle information.

    We also put our website on the card for futher information.

  • I included an insert in mine for out of town guests. I included the name, address, number and the hotel group code the hotel assigned for my event for the discounted price.


    The guests just called in and booked their hotels that way in my case.

  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona
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    I would also suggest including an insert.  It doesn't have to be anything big or fancy.  We have a couple of guests who are not internet savvy and refuse to go to our wedding website.  We also repeated get asked questions about our wedding when we have the answers on our site. We have a few people that go to the website, but most don't think to go there for answers. I have one guest that is asking me for address to our venue or a map, so they can decide which hotel to stay at. I am sending out invites next week which will include that info, but all of that (address, map, driving directions, and nearby hotels) are all listed on our website.  The website info was provided to them with STD. So, yes, they could get everything on the website, but some people just prefer hard copy of the information.


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