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Beware of the Concord Wedding Center

Hey there everyone! 

I just wanted to put a warning out to all brides in the Charlotte/Concord area.  DO NOT go to the Concord Wedding Center.  I received a 20% coupon for bridesmaid dresses at a local bridal show and since they happened to carry the bridesmaid dresses we picked out we decided to go with them! 

I should have known better when we got the coupon since I got it after a beaded curtain fell and hit my MOH on the head.  (They were very grateful she didn't spill her wine on the white wedding dress.)  But I mistakenly excused the incident and set myself and bridal party for more unprofessional and rude behavior. 

We actually had a pleasant experience when I went with just my MOH and Nicole might be the only professional at this place. My only complaint was that the outside of the building was quite dated, but sometimes that's where you find hidden gems. 

The next day my FMIL and I took 2 more bridesmaids (my Fi's younger sisters) and it was the worst! First of all no one greeted us when we walked in the store.  We waited for someone for a few minutes at the front desk.  Then I decided to walk around the store to find an employee just sitting around not doing anything, so I asked if she could help us get the girls measured.  She wasn't very happy I interrupted whatever relaxation time she was enjoying but keeps chomping away on this gum.  She get's out the book to attempt to find the order sheet (which I saw them make the day before after the MOH paid her deposit) and swore up and down it didn't exist.  So I helped her find it.  Turns out she doesn't know her alphabet. 

So she finally measures one of the bridesmaids and says she'll be back with a dress in the size she thinks she will need. She gets her in the dress and then goes to measure the other bridesmaid.  As she is measuring her the gum falls out of her mouth onto Katie and then the floor! That's disgusting! She then turns to my FMIL and asks if she will measure her because she just can't see. I mean for real? So my FMIL gets the same measurement and the woman goes off to find a dress in the correct size.  Well time goes by and she is no where to found. So I explore the shop a bit and realize that she has left the bridal area, gone over to the prom section and is sitting watching high school girls try on prom dresses.  Seriously? I politely asked if she could continue helping us, as we were starting to run late to another appointment that day. So she stomped back and said yep that's the size. 

Then they had the SLOWEST possible woman operating the cash register! To make it worst 3 women walked in right as we walked up to the counter, but she decided to help them first purchase shoes. When she gets to my FMIL who is paying for her daughter's dresses (they are in high school and middle school) she only rings up one. It just took forever.

The last straw though was with my 2 out of town bridesmaids.  One from Texas called and gave her measurements and deposit over the phone on the 15th, but when I went into the shop on the 21st they claimed she never ordered anything! They need some serious organization and customer service skills at this place! 

So please DON'T waste your time here! It's not worth it.  I mean unless you like being ignored, poor customer service, and spit! 

Re: Beware of the Concord Wedding Center

  • Wow! I went in and had a decent experience - the girl who was helping me was great (I'm terrible with names, though, so I can't remember hers, unfortunately!). 

    I guess I was lucky that nothing there caught my eye, though. I just went the once, and the girl remembered me when I saw her at the bridal show the next day.
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