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First dinner date as a married couple - Top of the World or Joel Robuchon?

So, me and FI figured we better get our first dinner out as a married couple booked in before everywhere gets booked up, we had Top of the World and Joel Robuchon in mind (although we're open to other suggestions!), here's our thoughts - any input appreciated!!

Top of the World - $120 four course taster menu with wine pairings, fantastic one-of-a-kind view obviously, love the current menu options and wine suggestions, but unsure of food quality (I'm a bit of a food snob!) and it looks like its a pretty big open space (quite noisy maybe?)

Joel Robuchon - $120 three course taster menu without wine, fantastically intimate, and THREE MICHELIN STAR so no qualms on the food quality there, right?! And if we could get on the Parisian terrace it would be perfect. 

Just don't know what to do!!

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Re: First dinner date as a married couple - Top of the World or Joel Robuchon?

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    Robuchon. Robuchon. Robuchon. Save room for the cheese, bread and dessert carts. I hear great things about Top of the World, but there are very few restaurants in Las Vegas that compete both service wise and food wise with Joel Robuchon and I think it's the only way to go to for this special of an occasion. 

    You could also consider Guy Savoy. I actually prefer many things there to Joel Robuchon, but it is cozier and more romantic at JR, I think, and better suited for a post-married meal. (Despite having my own at Guy Savoy!)

    I dined alone at JR when I went and it felt like I was missing my partner in crime. Guy Savoy has a bit more of a clinical feel to their dining room, but the decor is personally more to my taste and I found the food slightly better. 

    When I visited, despite it being very busy, it seemed they do not seat people on the Parisian Terrace automatically (in fact there was no one there when I was there) so make sure you are asking about it from the second you make your booking and make it clear it's really important to you and what you can do to make the chances of eating there more likely. 

    You might also consider é by José Andrés, Twist at Mandarin and although the food is not quite of the same calibre, the service and atmosphere are still some of my favorites at Le Cirque at Bellagio. I have very fond memories of a meal there, actually. There are also some off Strip choices, but maybe that's not in the cards for this trip? 

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  • We looked into Joel Robuchon for the experience but they were fully booked! So we decided to go with Yellowtail at the Bellagio cos FI and I love sushi and wanted more of a laid back dinner the night after the crazy wedding.

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  • I've never been to Joel Robuchon, but you can't beat the views at Top of World.  I went a few years ago, food was okay, you'd probably get better at MGM.  We had a booth and it was very romantic and not too noisy.  

    Both sound like great options!  
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  • Robuchon. Especially if you're a bit of a food snob. Hands-down.

    Top of the World has a great view, buuut... it's on the north side of the Strip, which is not as well-developed as the south end, meaning less lights and sparkly. It's an open rotating restaurant, and it can get noisy. And I've never heard rave reviews about the food. It's ok to good, but not the same experience. Come for cocktails afterwards and hang out at the bar with the jazz combo.

  • @jiimanie I'm going to go ahead and suggest Mix at theHotel. The view from the outside patio is incredible. We did the Alain Ducasse Classics tasting menu with a wine pairing (the night we got engaged!) and it was AMAZING. You can find the menu/info here 

     I think @vegasgroom would probably back up my suggestion. Mix would definitely be my vote :)
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  • Thanks so much for the input ladies! 

    On looking into it we can only get into Robuchon the day after the day after our wedding and only at 6pm - kind of annoying but we booked it anyway (we can always cancel). I am leaning towards Robuchon for the sheer experience but do wonder whether it would be a better event for an anniversary trip where we can get the exact date and time we want and maybe save up more money to do one of the more full-on tasting menus (e.g. 12-course) and not just the two course (I mistakenly typed three course in OP). 

    The mix menu does look amazing - that is now a possibility for this outing with what looks like slightly better food, same sort of price, and additionally awesome views. @tcnoble is it noisy in there? One of the main things for me after food quality is having somewhere romantic with some degree of intimacy. Can you request tables on the outdoor patio specifically? 

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  • Mix is not very noisy (but the lounge next door can be) and you can request a balcony table.

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  • Thanks @vegasgroom - I think we're pretty much set on Mix so we've been in contact with them and are trying our best to get a balcony table as we speak/type!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • @jiimanie You will definitely have the quiet romantic atmosphere on the balcony!! I don't think you'll be disappointed one bit. :)
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