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Gift for Groom on Wedding Day

I'm trying to come up with a gift for FI to open on the morning of our Wedding.  I think the "typical" groom's gift is usually a nice watch, cuff links, etc...

These are great ideas, however, FI does not wear a watch and just recieved a nice pair of cufflinks from the last Wedding he stood up in.  I was thinking of doing something a bit more non-conventional like an I-Phone, but that requires changing his service and seems to be too complicated.

Anybody have any good ideas that they can share?  With roughly 5 months to go, I still have a lot of time, but if it's on the pricey side, I'd like to keep my eye out for deals/sales for th next few months.


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Re: Gift for Groom on Wedding Day

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    I'm get FI a giant bean bag (like a lovesack, but not that brand) because he really likes them.  For his birthday (a week later) I am getting the two of us tickets for a Brewers game and offering a cook out for his friends (they buy their tickets, I'll take care of food and beer).  But I'm also getting FI cufflinks for the wedding too.
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  • BackpackersBackpackers member
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    I'm giving the oh-so popular boudoir photos. However, he will get them the night before, not the morning of. What about just writing a letter? It's free and it comes directly from the heart.
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    I am getting my FI a watch that he has wanted FOREVER!!  What about doing something like a grill (if you don't already have one), a pool/foosball table (they sell reasonably priced ones at Sears), car stuff if he is into that?  Or something kind of corny, you could give him a "gift certificate" for his favorite meal that he rarely gets to eat because it is too expensive, takes too long to make, etc.  Every guy likes food :)
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    I got my DH  a bottle of cologne he wanted, a blackberry (because he had wanted one forever) and I hand embroidered his pocket square.
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  • liloriole2000liloriole2000 member
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    I got him a very nice pocket knife and had the blades engraved. It took me a long time to think about what to get him. The most important thing is to get him something that he will like. My guy wouldnt wear cufflinks or a nice watch, I just took him and his personality into the item.
  • KatieD212KatieD212 member
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    I originally wanted to get boudiour photos done, i think they are great! But expensive. So FI and I decided not to get eachother gifts....The day itself is going to be a gift, and we are spending so much money as it is, it just works out fine for us. I am going to write him a letter or something for MOH to give to him before the ceremony :)

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  • sameagansameagan member
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    My FI has wanted to start hunting for some time now, but doesn't have a gun or anywhere to do so. Since I bought him a watch as an engagement present three years ago, I have decided to get him the gun he wanted. This may seem like an odd gift, but my family has hunting land and since we will be married during this years season he will be able to (finally) hunt on it! However, it isn't much of a surprise because I can't keep a secret for the life of me... haha

    However, this took me a long time to figure out...  Like liloriole2000 said above it is about looking at your FI's personality and going from there. What, other than you of course, does he love... then go from there.
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    I think I'm going to get my FI a new set of golf clubs. He keeps dropping hints to me to get them for him. So I'd just try and subtly figure out what he really wants.
  • mrsloatmrsloat member
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    I got my husband concert tickets and he gave me tickets for a comedy show/play.  We decided to not give gifts but to set up 'dates' for ourselves for the next few months.  We paid for our own wedding and we were officially broke so we thought it would be a fun thing to do since we wouldn't be spending any more money for awhile after the wedding.  We got married last October so after our wedding we had to start thinking about Christmas so it worked our perfect. 
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