Looking for an Inexpensive Venue, Help!

Hi All,

My fiance and I are looking for an inexpensive wedding venue in or around Chicago.  We live in Edgewater Glen, but would travel for a good venue, preferably close to the city.

We have a guest list right around 100 people and are looking for a venue that has flexibility with catering.  I really dislike these venues that force you to use their caterers for $100 a pop.  Is it possible to get it cheaper than this?

I want my total budget at or under 10k, and would be willing to go on the cheap on everything else if I can just find a reasonable venue and food.

My fiance and I really loved the look and feel of the Ravenswood Event Center, and places like Salvage One or Architectural Artifacts, but all appear to be out of the budget.  Any place that has a vibe similar, or is happy and sunny and neat and unique... would be great.

If you have any insight please weigh in.  Is this even possible in this town? 

Re: Looking for an Inexpensive Venue, Help!

  • In the past, I have heard many brides speak of the affordability and food of this restaurant....

    My son and his wife had a party of 100 and also wished to stay in the city.  Their budget was not huge.  After much exploration, they were very happy having their wedding at Quartino's.  The food was amazing and served ala tapas/family style.  I would highly recommend it.
  • Thank you!!
  • @Karinzink
    We are having our wedding at the Irish Bistro on 5/17. A few other brides here have had their weddings there as well. I do think that 100 people might be the absolute comfortable max, it may even be a bit too much.

    We looked into the Annex at the Copernicus Center and found them to be very affordable. They're on the NW side, have round tables and chairs so you wouldn't have to rent, you can use whatever caterer you like (or at least that was the case when we looked into it last fall), large parking lot, convenient location. The space is very reminiscent of what you posted. Ultimately we didn't end up going with them because our guest list was just slightly larger than their maximum (which, if I remember correctly, was 135). I was already very familiar with the large concert venue that's next door, but had never heard of this space until doing a lot of research. I even contacted a couple who had used the space for their wedding, so I'd be happy to privately provide their email address if you do end up being interested. 
  • Has anyone heard of using Hackney's as a venue? Thoughts?
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