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Wynn/Encore Outside Photography Changes

So, there have been some changes to the photography situation at Wynn and Encore, I've been told. Well, not really changes, just reinforcement of existing rules, I guess. 

One of my readers (one of you, even, maybe?) contacted me to tell me that they were told there was no outside fee you could pay to use your own shooter there now. 

I followed up with Wynn's wedding manager and she confirmed. She said "sometimes there are exceptions" but that they feel their photographers (Cashman) do the best job and know the property best etc and so on. I know I've featured at least two weddings at Wynn on Little Vegas Wedding with external photographers (at the ceremony) so I'm not sure what kind of situation you need to be in for an exception to be granted, but in general I wouldn't depend on using this venue if you are really set on having your photographer. 

So, certainly a disappointment, but thought I would give you all a heads up as I know this is a topic that comes up often here on the boards. 

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