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Mix restaurant (Mandalay Bay) or Sage (Aria) - HELP

I'm torn between having reception at Mix or Sage, I heard both good and bad review of those places, anyone has any suggestion?  Thanx.

Re: Mix restaurant (Mandalay Bay) or Sage (Aria) - HELP

  • My ceremony is at the mix, recp at a different location - It's a beautiful setting unique for sure
  • Mix!! Beautiful views and great atmosphere, delicious food.
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  • We got married at Mandalay last May and had our dinner reception at Hussong's then everyone walked it over to the Mix for drinks and dancing and all of the guests raved about it. The views are amazing, our photographer took pics of us out on the balcony and inside and they are breathtaking. I would go with the Mix without a doubt.
  • Do you have an email contact for mix?
  • Are you talking Mix Lounge or Restaurant? We got married and had our reception in the restaurant, and cocktail hour in the lounge. I'm not familiar with Sage but as long as the upcoming rename doesn't change the staff, the service at Mix is stellar. It's definitely expensive but we were not left with a single thing to complain about or wish it had been better. Unfortunately all the staff I got to know have moved on, but we've been back for our 1st and 2nd anniversaries and will be visiting for the third a little late in two weeks, and they've still remained awesome.

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  • But didn't someone say mix would be closing?
  • Mix is renaming and the menu is changing but I have not heard an official date or if they'd actually be shutting down for some period of time to accomplish that.  I'll find out when I'm out there hopefully.

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  • @vegasgroom at this point the decor" of the Mix is not intended to change over until 2015.
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    Good to hear more updates here. I'm hoping the club-side of Mix (or whatever the new Delano-branded Mix will be named) will be open in February 2015 - I'm hoping to do our after-reception party there! I'll be in LV next month for vacation and will see what scoop I can find out then, too.
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