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XP: Work shower.

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So, today on my lunch break one of FI's coworkers called me. He said he and a couple other people want to throw a work shower for us and FI, and he'd like it to be a surprise to FI. I thanked him and said it sounded nice. 


I know FI doesn't care for showers. We were discussing showers in general (I was heading to a friends shower I think that weekend, it was a while ago) and FI finds them to be outdated. Which is fine. So, given that FI doesn't care for showers, I'm thinking of e-mailing his coworker and letting him know that FI is uncomfortable with showers in general, and maybe we just do a lunch together with people from work instead? Does that sound okay?

Also, his coworker is very excited about planning this, and was like "We could have a Zelda theme since you guys like the game so much" Which is cool, but how involved is too involved for me? 


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