New to WI!

Hello There!

In the process of planning a wedding in WI. I am not from the area, so would appriciate any advice you might have.

We are having a noon ceremony and plan on having a late lunch/early dinner with an intimate group. Our plans is to then host a cocktail reception for a larger crowd with appetizers and open bar.

Any ideas of a nice restaurant that offers private dinning? Looking for the MKE and Brookfield area- maybe even a little further west. Also looking for a place to host a reception. A trendy loft, bar, somewhere where they will accomodate a private setting.


Re: New to WI!

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    The Moct advertises themselves as an "Upscale Warehouse Bar and Lounge" and is located in Milwaukee's 5th ward right by downtown, otherwise Cuvee is a champagne bar that has old cream city brick in it which is beautiful and that I believe is located in the 3rd ward also by downtown!  If you wanted a nice restaurant to eat at, Maggiano's located on the outside of Mayfair Mall has a beautiful private room for wedding and other events.  They also have valet parking if you didn't want your guests to park in the mall parking lot by themselves!  Hope this helps a little!
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    I was quite impressed with what "Cuvee" in the 3rd ward had to offer. It's a wine/champagne bar with a large area that can be rented. Exposed brick, different setting, etc. I also really liked Hotel Metro, which is right downtown. (I don't really have any suggestions further west, sorry...)
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