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Invite question

Ok so we are not having any kids at our wedding. So my question is if I just write mr and mrs jones on the invite do you think people with kids will respond that the kids are coming. Or should I let people know at the bridal shower and the word will get around? They also have a meal choice. The invites are already printed and I have them but still have to put them together.
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Re: Invite question

  • People *should* get the idea based on the invitation. I know you say you already printed, but is there any way on the RSVP card you could put the number for them? If not, when people RSVP 'yes' and include their kids (because someone probably will), you'll have to call them and tell them, "Unfortunately, we have only reserved 2 seats for you, I hope you will still be able to attend without your children."

    As for spreading the message, it would probably be best if you weren't the one doing it. Maybe tell a close friend, and have her/him casually mention something. Don't make a big announcement.

    Good luck!
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  • I definitely agree with the previous post about maybe trying to put it on the invitation somewhere, and also about not making a big announcement at your shower. We're hoping to not have children at our wedding also, but sadly, even when you address the invite to Mr. and Mrs. and write the number on the RSVP card, you still get people that RSVP their children. As the previous reply said, people SHOULD get it, and a lot of them will take the hint, but you always have people that are determined to be difficult.
  • We had a similar issue, we are only inviting children of immediate family.  Mom wanted to put "Adult Only Reception" in the invitation.  I fought her on it as that is not accurate since we will have about 10 children there.  Instead I insisted that we address invites to the adult couples and address the children issue personally if it were to show up on the RSVP.  Mom did indicate one or two families she fully expected to try and add children.  In that case we added their names to the RSVP line like "Mr. & Mrs. Joe Smith" and left the accept/decline line for them to fill out.  Both families called my parents to inquire about children and mom was able to politely explain, "Due to space constraints the only children attending would be those of direct family.  We do hope you would still be able to join us, but we understand if you can't."

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