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I know this is TK and all...but is everyone doing RSVP cards included?

I already ordered our custom invitations because VP had an awesome sale. I was so obsessed with the font and what not that I completely forgot to even include an RSVP option. I do have yet to get our reception cards printed and read that it's acceptable to put the RSVP on the back of that, but I'm afraid no one would flip it over.

We're having a very small, intimate wedding...under 60 people. TBH, I don't care who does or doesn't RSVP - we have enough $ saved to pay for all of the guests (and a + one) if they choose to attend, so if they all show up, if half of them show up, it doesn't matter, financially. In this case, should I just skip the RSVP option (which would mean getting back in touch with my designer and having her design the back of the card as well)? I mean, 60 people, most of who are family members and are going to let me know in one way or another who is attending. 

Also for the RSVP: what are you doing? A website? Phone number? E-mail? Address?

Is it September yet?

Re: RSVP options

  • If it were me, I would stress out like crazy not knowing who was going to RSVP on their own. I am printing all of my invites and such from home. Maybe get card stock, or a thicker paper (I got a pack from Michaels and used a 60% off coupon from JoAnns-- granted you have those stores in your area?) and print them up yourself. I haven't done a lot of looking around, but I am sure there is some kind of template out there. So far, I have simply designed my items in Word. I plan to print multiple on a sheet of paper and then use my straight edge cutter to separate them.

    Just an idea for you :]
  • You can (and should) order RSVP cards separately. I ordered mismatched ones for mine because of font preferences. Totally acceptable, and super affordable through Vista Print and the like. But a wedding is a proper and important enough occasion to necessitate proper RSVPs, even if it's small! And even if your budget allows any number of guests, won't your caterer need at least a ballpark headcount? Won't you want to have a proper number of tables and chairs set up? And won't you love getting those RSVPs back in the mail as confirmation that your guests actually received your invitations??

  • When you sign in to vista print, does it not offer other items or "suggested items" that go with the design of what you previously ordered? I know I even had emails trying to get me to buy more crap and I think RSVP cards was one of the options.

  • I would definitely have RSVP cards as well. It will be less confusing to your guests as well.
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  • I made an invitation then a separate postcard for RSVP. I designed both but got them from Vistaprint. It's cheaper for the postcard postage and keeps the invitation postage light. The postcard has the pushy "Please RSVP by August 20, 2014", has our address printed on it, and has the two options in the text part.
  • I am having my guests RSVP on my wedding website! Hahah guess I'm a cheater! ;)
  • @kcorona028 if you're using the Knot site I would check out the tech board before you commit to that... people have had a LOT of issues with it. I would not trust it with my RSVPs.

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    I am having my guests RSVP on my wedding website! Hahah guess I'm a cheater! ;)
    My friends did that via Google.  I had no idea how to set it up until recently, when I created a Google Form for something at work.  It sets up all responses in a spreadsheet, with names & response.  I was kicking myself for not doing that, as I had already ordered invites with RSVP cards!
  • I know you said you have enough $ saved to feed 30 or 60 people but do you want to prepare for 60 and have 30 cuz that's ALOT of leftover food and that's also alot more time and energy your caterer has to put in and if you end up not spending as much as you have to you can make other plans for the remaining money like putting it into your honeymoon. 
  • Thanks for the input, ladies! I ended up doing a RSVP card, but not one that is sent back to me. It has our phone numbers and our wedding website listed and states how many seats will be reserved for that specific person.
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