HELP!!! Looking for Offbeat Locations for Wedding...Hillside/Park/Meadow!!! Please Help!

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I live in Connecticut, and I'm looking for a place to have my wedding (anywhere in New England works!!)!!! I want it to be really relaxed, picnic blankets, hammocks...balloons..just pure easy non stressfulness!!! sooo I am looking for somewhere that is private, that I can have time to set the wedding up myself, very diy!!! I want it to have flowers for sure..a picturesque meadowy hillside! enough space for probably around 100 people at want to be able to set up a tent if i need it...bathrooms if possible, easy for elderly people to access. but I don't want a hall or a place that calls themselves a wedding venue...think hippie, earth lover couple...dogs must be able to come!!! I know I'm asking for a lot...because I can't find it!!! I'm getting ready to elope....pleaseeee help me!!!
this is my pinterest wedding help...this is the picture i love the most!

Re: HELP!!! Looking for Offbeat Locations for Wedding...Hillside/Park/Meadow!!! Please Help!

  • The fact that you are looking for a private space does make it quite difficult. I would suggest looking at state parks, but those will never be truly private. Your best bet is to maybe find someone with a private home and grounds willing to rent.
  • wickham park is perfect
  • Thanks, my FMIL recommended that park, not a huge fan...honestly haven't found any places in CT that I like, I need something that is different!!!
  • I looked at your board and it seems like you just need a blank canvas, not something that is "different".  you will make the unique experience you are looking for via the diy and unique elements you referenced above.  i agree with pps, wickham park and other parks would be perfect.
  • Since you are open to anywhere in New England, have you looked into spaces in Vermont. I imagine a lot of the ski resorts would be able to offer what you are looking for.
  • Stanley Park in Westfield, MA has a nice garden area. There's also Look Park in Northampton, MA. Not sure how "private" they'd be. Also check Skinner Mountain in Hadley, MA - although I'm seeing it might be closed.

  • I highly recommend Dudley Farm in Guilford, CT. It would be private, lots of parking, and it is at an awesome farm!! Site rental is $1,500 and I believe you can bring in whatever caterer you want!
  • Thanks, but I'm looking at macedonia brook state park, its only $220 to rent the pavilion for a day and it has almost everything I am looking for! I'm going to check it out this weekend with my fiancé! Thanks everyone who replied!!!
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