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Hakkasan from soup to nuts

On the 27th, we went to Hakkasan for both dinner and the club experience afterwards. Here's the short of it:
1. Food's great, service is hit-or-miss, atmosphere is ok.
2. Club is made to make money. Get a mezzanine table and bring earplugs.

And on to the details!
We arrived and were seated right away. Our waiter got us water and then ignored us for 20 minutes. When he finally did get around to serving us, he was knowledgable and helpful. Their pepper ribeye with merlot sauce was the standout dish of our meal. I'd go back just for that. We also had thai chicken in a claypot, which was tasty with a bit of a kick. Appetizers are in the $20 range, entrees $30-50, with some specialties over $100. They had a wonderful selection of tea, which was great for us.

On Thursdays and Sundays, you get free admission and can skip the line if you eat in the restaurant and go to the club. Because we had our table and were meeting friends, we didn't take advantage of that, and in hindsight, we should have. The scene outside was a little crazy, but because it was early, it wasn't too bad. We waited for about half an hour for our host to whisk us into the club. It felt a little like a diamond - a main dance floor at the point, and rows of tables radiating around the main floor. We were further out, on a long, curved couch with three tables. We had the end of the couch, which meant we could feel safe with our jackets and purses tucked at the end. If I could do it again, I'd try to get a table closer to the main floor, or one up on the mezzanine. I was hoping that I'd be able to get a good view from above, but the edge of the mezzanine is packed with tables. There are multiple bars and restrooms, which makes getting your drinks easy - I didn't see lines at any of the bars or restrooms.
The warm-up DJ was good, average for a club. When the headliner came on, it went nuts and the volume increased. I haven't experienced that dramatic sound shift elsewhere, so I'm not sure if it's the DJ or the club. But bring the earplugs, and you'll still be able to hear fine.

@Valeriecruz Your question was - will the floor be packed? My answer for you is yes. Absolutely. Here are a few photos from a Thursday night, pre-headliner.

photo 20140328_0024471_zps82bfae9e.jpg
Main floor from an entrance ramp

photo 20140328_0028251_zpsda6575e6.jpg
Main floor from the front, behind the tables

photo 20140328_0029171_zps713994ba.jpg
Gogo dancers have crazy headdresses with the Hakkasan logo!

Re: Hakkasan from soup to nuts

  • Ok, reading comprehension fail here. So is the restaurant the same place as the night club? Or are they two different places with the same name. Did you eat dinner at the night club? Did you have to pay to have a table and did you have the table all night?
  • Thanks @cirena :) I think we will be heading to XS for David Guetta instead ..hoping to go to Hakkasan on the Sunday I'm sure it will still get packed though, looks like so much fun!! :)
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  • My cousin was just there a few weeks ago and said it was nuts! So packed!!! 
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  • I was so sad to here Guetta was playing on our wedding night and I know most the people wouldn't want to see him, let alone the guys pay $60 too see him. Then I found out 2 days later he is playing in my hometown 3 weekends after! SO I compromised on tickets for that instead. So we will still be heading to Haze afterwards. Valerie you will have a blast, I am slightly jealous!!
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  • I have a promoter getting both guys and girls free plus 1 free drink! I'm excited! Luckily our group are all fans :)
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  • Ahh you are lucky!! 
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    @Valeriecruz82 Glad to hear that you have a sweet hookup for XS! You'll have a great time.

    a13049 Sorry that wasn't clear. Think of it as a 3-story building. The restaurant is the ground floor. The nightclub is floors 2 & 3. The main dance floor is on floor 3. There's a smaller room with hip hop on floor 2 that I didn't visit at all.

    We did dinner first, then went upstairs to the club. Getting a table requires opening a tab with a certain minimum. Our minimum was $1000. Bottles start at $550, Red Bull and bottled water cost extra, other mixers and garnishes are free. You have the table for as long as you have the tab open. We actually closed out a little early and had our friends stay - we had to work and they didn't - and they were able to hang out for another hour before the club booted them. So don't sign the check until your whole party is ready to go or til you've drunk all the booze. :)
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