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if you planned your Vegas Wedding again...

what would you do different? Or would you keep everything the same?
For me, I would find a simple short dress! I love my dress, but it is heavy!! & we are getting married in July WTH was i thinking with this huge dress?? 
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Re: if you planned your Vegas Wedding again...

  • Found a different videographer; other than that, nothing.

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  • OMG! SOOOO MUCH!!! I wouldve picked 1 venue for everything! Probably the Platinum to be honest. I wouldnt have arranged to host so many pre wedding parties and events. I wouldve picked a smaller dress for sure. Aside from that I love the wedding we have arranged!

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  • @missmo14 that place is amazing!!
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  • I would of wanted to have a somewhat normal reception, with a dance floor instead of the in suite reception. Everything else I'm happy with :)
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  • Shoes!  I would have had more comfortable shoes!!  Apart from that everything was just what I wanted :-)
  • So far nothing. Have you looked I to getting a short white nightclub dress for after you wedding? That's what in doing we will do the ceremony and reception and bus in my dress and then I'm going to slip into a white party dress
  • @a13049~ I might, I think we are going to do something after the wedding/in-suite reception but not sure what yet
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  • So far I've been happy with everything, we'll see come May 3rd!  
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  • If I could go back and change things, I would have opted for an evening in-suite reception, hired a bartender, and rented chairs and high tables for my guests.  While the APEX suite had a lot of seating, I felt having we needed more seating and tables.  Also, I would not have scheduled my strip tour for 4:00pm, since it was like 100 degrees in  
  • @lauraaustin2003...can you offer additional feedback on the apex suite @ ph!? How many ppl did you have in there? Weighing this against others and it has been hard to compare since there are so few reviews on apex, since it was so hard to book. Thanks!
  • This is a great thread, I would love more info from brides who have already been married.  We definetly need to keep this one going for other brides to come. 
  • I would've planned time between the ceremony and reception to properly allow for a strip tour instead of leaving our reception after 1 1/2 hours so we don't run out of sunlight! Aside from that I'm very happy but will update you after the 19th!
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  • @rosebubbly...I had 55 guests in the suite.  Looking back, I think having 55 guests is on the high end.  I think 40-45 guests would have been ideal. Also, it's all a matter of rearranging the furniture to allow for more room within the suite.  We were switching furniture in and out from the guest bedroom.  We moved some tables into the guest bedroom, and moved 2 chairs out into the suite area. I want to say that the suite provides seating for about 33 people.  There is a small fridge, sink, and counter area by the bar.  

    I've provided a link to a Youtube video on the apex suite in case you haven't seen it. :)

  • Thank you so much lauraaustin2003! We are trying to weigh this option vs splurging at the palms....
  • Not married yet...but i decided to do my strip photo tour on the monday after the wedding and forgo pictures that day. We will have our included chapel cashman photog of course. Hope i don't regret that choice.....
  • I would not have ordered a cake, it was horrible and really after all the courses plus the heat in July wouldn't have had room for it anyway.
  • I had a dress with a super long train. I would have made sure to  un-bustle the train for the pictures on the strip. It would have gotten even dirtier, but the train was so beautiful and it's missing in a lot of the really good shots. I probably would have also asked the photographer for some pose ideas for myself and my husband. I also would have asked a guest to videotape the ceremony. We had an Elvis officiant and he was so funny and entertaining, I wish we had a recording to remember everything by!

    But those are only minor changes. Our choice of venue, restaurant, photographer, etc. were all perfect. I had a huge, heavy dress but I loved it so I don't regret getting it at all.
  • We got a really high decline rate (like, 50%) and now I kindof a little bit wish we'd booked at Joe's.  Had to nix it because our guest list was too big, and now of course we have the PERFECT size for their private room.

    But I love what we have planned, and if we'd done that I would have been crazy stressed to the max as we waited for RSVPs.  As long as the weather cooperates (we're 100% outside unless there are high winds or rain) it will be amazing!
  • Without a doubt, I would not have paid $250.00 to have Makeup in the 702 do my makeup and hair! I would have done my own makeup and would have just paid to have someone come to our room to do my hair (which I loved how Courtney from the Makeup in the 702 did). Because of the horrible makeup job that left me looking like the Bride of Frankinstein, I missed out on doing our first look photos, was stressed out, and late arriving to the chapel seeing I had to undo the damage this 'Dior National Makeup Artist' named Celina created!

  • Looking back I would of liked a video tape of the ceremony, should of gave a detailed list of songs to the dj, ie no remixes, no rap, gave a time frame of when to stop music n announce things. I would also make sure I have back up number to my hotel manager that took care of the food n drinks, as he only worked 9-5 but that was my fault didnt think things would of went wrong. Would of liked to do more pictures but due to our cdremony being at 4pm-430pm the sun went down at 530. Also woukd of made a list of must have pictures and gave them not only to my photographer but to my moh

  • i read really bad reviews of the Makeup in the 702 on yelp:(
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  • Dont forget to take pictures with key people and do it early.  Just grab your photographer and walk around the room.  I missed out on many photos with people that I love.
  • we just have the photographer in our package so we get like 30 minutes i think something like that, but we have other people taking pics
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  • @ssteele04 Yeah one of them was mine! LOL Then I read another where she got told the exact same thing I was told with the partial refund 'go out to a great dinner for me'...Btch..I don't want a dinner I wanted my first look photos and my makeup to be fabulous as you swore it would!! LOL

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    There are only a few things, but they were mostly to do with things I couldn't predict, so I am not too bothered. Except the hairstylist. I had a bad feeling about her all along. Sigh. 

    1: Allowed more time between the ceremony, Neon Museum shoot and getting to the reception. At the time, two hours seemed like enough, but that was before my husband forgot his damn pants and my best man and woman had to high tail it back to Palazzo from the Springs Preserve to get them. The wedding ended up just being a half hour behind schedule, but it pushed everything else back as we travelled around the city. The guests didn't even notice we were there with the copious amounts of booze at the cocktail hour at Border Grill. 

    2: Brought water in the car for the Boneyard shoot

    3: Booked someone else for my hair. She was a no show, and I had a melt down that morning, having to skip my scheduled makeup appointment to do it myself, skip breakfast with my dad and find someone else to do my hair

    4: Not booked a day after brunch. Worst idea ever. Not just for us, but pretty much everyone. Do not recommend if you think your party is going to get wild, and you have to do things like return rental cars, glassware and clean up the party suite the next morning. Wiping cucumber off the ceiling of the party suite is so romantic as a newlywed, let me tell you (but, best stories ever) 

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  • after seeing all the dresses on here, if I had to do it again I might have picked one of the two piece convertible gowns.   Those look awesome.  I hadn't even seen those before I picked out and paid for mine!    I fell for a hard sell, 20% off if you buy right away, I should have kept looking.

    Also might have waited to pick the venue with the hotel/suite location.  Save on transportation etc that way.  Or at least thought about that before I picked a venue.  

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  • @krislsmiley~ i had a friend tell me up here that she wishes she had done her location different, she did one of the chapels on the strip and didn't realize once she got down there that the transportation was not included on the way back to the hotel so extra money there
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