Engagement photo locations in Boston/Cambridge?

Hi everyone,

First off, I apologize if this has been recently discussed (the search button isn't cooperating with me).

My fiancé and I are getting married in NY, but we want to do our engagement photos in Boston as that's where I live. Does anyone have any recommendations on places in Boston or Cambridge that we can check out? We're think of place that has water nearby or a garden, preferably close to a T station as I don't like driving into Boston on weekends (I make that commute during the week for work). A public place is ideal. We're uncertain as to what time of day we would like the photos to be taken at the moment.

Thank you in advance!

Re: Engagement photo locations in Boston/Cambridge?

  • There are tons of options. I'm thinking the public gardens, Arnold Arboretum, a public reservoir like the ones in Cleveland circle or Brookline, the hatch shell area on the Charles River, Castle Island, Beacon Hill, Harvard Square (the river is right there too) etc
  • Christian Science center and the infinite pool are beautiful.
  • Agree with everything in PP - we did ours on the esplande and they came out beautiful.  Also, the Rose Kennedy Greenway (which is also close to the waterfront) or the Boston Public Library/Copley Square!
  • Thanks, everyone! We'll be going this weekend to check out the locations :)
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