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Any one else using the budget calculator on here? I figured I would give it a go since I have left my wedding note book at home or else where when I needed it. Well after plugging everything in I am under budget and actually have a little more to spend on the actual after wedding lunch /reception than I previously thought. I have tried to save every where possible and this just goes to show I am doing a great job. How are you ladies doing with staying on budget?

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  • I think we are actually at double our projected budget! *Gasp* But we have added things and the exchange ratw has DESTROYED us. Here's hoping this is one killa party!

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  • If you are able to do it go for it! I know I would if I could. We just have so much on our plate we must stick to a budget.
  • i haven't done the budget calculator on here, i'm not sure where we are for budget, all i know is we have 3 months 3 weeks and it is crunch time!
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  • We never actually set a budget so I didn't use a budget calculator lol but like you, we have done pretty good we have spent about 8000
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  • For the wedding and wedding related Vegas festivities we have somehow managed to stay on budget. If you add in the honeymoon, airfare, rings, and wedding attire we are three times over the budget. We are fortunate in that we were able to do it and the FI is very excited about his custom suit.
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  • I use the budget calculator on here.  I am currently 3k under budget.  We will see how long that lasts hahaha

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  • according the budget calculator i am $400 over budget LOL 
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  • I used the budget calculator but re-assigned some numbers because after getting quotes some of the numbers they gave were over/under. We are currently under budget by about 5k but still have some things to finish up so time will tell lol 
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  • When we started planning we used a couple different apps but ended needing to reassign some numbers because our plans and budget didn't fit the formulas they had. We spent significantly less on my dress and a larger amount of our budget on our added entertainment, we didn't buy additional photo or video and no flowers. If every single guest comes and brings a SO or plus one we will be right on budget. If not then we will be under budget
  • I'm a huge fan of being under budget. We still have 6 months left so. Here's to staying on or under budget!
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