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April 14: 0% chance of rain

Im probably tempting fate here but the long range weather forecast finally came out for April 14 and its looking like a perfectly beautiful warm sunny day with light wind :-) Date quadruplets.... get excited!!


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Re: April 14: 0% chance of rain

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    Whoop!  I'd just checked myself!
  • Hopefully your forecast will hand around for 5 more days!
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  • I'm a bit nervous! We flew to vegas the same exact week last year in July, we got there and it was flash floods, my FI's flight literally almost crashed coming in bc of the severe weather, we had to laugh b/c we live in a rainy state and we went to the rain LOL! i'm praying it doesn't rain while we are there! 
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  • I just had to chime in on this post (hope you ladies dont mind).  I got married 4/14/12.  Congrats to all my date twins.

    P.S.  It actually rained the day before the wedding but cleared up the day of.  I think 4/14 is the perfect day for a wedding!  Happy planning, you're almost there!

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  • This had better not change - that is PERFECT!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
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