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Scheduled my alterations appointment!

I made an appointment with Sew Chic as recommended for mid-April.  I'm pretty excited to have my dress worked on.  How many places did you girls get quotes from before deciding on a shop?
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Re: Scheduled my alterations appointment!

  • Do they have pretty good prices? I'm still trying to decide where to take my gown for alterations when it comes in. The owner of the store I bought it at is kind of intense and pushy, so I'll probably take it somewhere else so I don't have to deal with her!

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  • I haven't had any price quoting yet, but AddieL73 used them and said she had a hem, bustle and had the dress taken in twice due to weight loss and it cost her $250.  My appt is April 12th so I can report back on the costs once I know what they'll be ballpark. :)
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  • That'd be great! Thank you! :)

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  • Yeah, the price was awesome. Sew Chic is the only place I even considered. I had read great things on here and online elsewhere about them. GREAT experience. Loved them. The only complaint I had was that the shop smells kind of musty, and when I picked my dress up, I swear I could smell it a little.
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  • @sarah1551 So I went to my appointment and while I appreciated the fact that they weren't all flowery and gushy about the wedding, they didn't help me into my dress or give me much direction.  I have a big ass dress that I needed a bit of help to get on, but luckily I managed it on my own.  She came in and didn't really do any measuring or anything, but estimated my costs at $575 which I felt was insane.  I think the reason is because I needed hemming on a total of 5 layers of the dress so I imagine that is where a large amount of the cost came from.

    I needed hemming on 5 layers, the bust to be taken in, and I (for comfort) wanted the bodice let out just a little bit on the sides so that I can sit without feeling like a statue.  She let me know that since my wedding, at that date,was like 78 days out that we would have to pay a rush fee of $50.  Also, that they only hem from side seam to side seam in the front, so the back remains long, but I only wanted a sweep train so I asked for hemming the whole way around.  Again, that may be a large portion of the cost as I didn't want a bustle.  When my eyes bugged at the cost, I asked her if there was anywhere I could cut costs and she agreed to remove the rush fee so that was better than nothing.

    All in all, I'm not worried about the work as the reviews are awesome.  The price was more than I had hoped, and I didn't really care to pay upfront, but apparently it's policy.  Again, this doesn't really make me uneasy as the reviews are great, but just something I noticed.  I go back for the bodice fitting on May 10th and then she will start the hemming.
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  • Thanks for the update, that's really helpful! My dress will arrive in July so I still have a little time to decide where to go. I thought about calling some places and asking for a general quote (like, how much does a bustle usually cost on a lace dress?) but I don't know that they would be able to tell me until they see the dress.

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