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Brand New Here: Looking for venues with buffet and/or food connected (or close)

Hello Ladies,

Please be easy on me as I literally just signed up a few minutes ago. My boo and I just decided on a date of 12-13-14 (How fun huh) I could imagine this date will fill up fast.

Can you ladies please help me on any wedding venues in Vegas that have food in the same facility or close ( like literally walking distance or next door)

If you send me the link I would be more than happy to do my own research. I just have no clue where to start looking and google is giving me very little options.


My sincerest thanks to you all :)

Re: Brand New Here: Looking for venues with buffet and/or food connected (or close)

  • Hey @calired! Welcome!!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and great date! A fantastic place to start looking for venues, food and tips is He has TONS of information there. And a lot is based on reviews from brides on this site. Most of the hotels have a wedding chapel on site with lots of great food places in the hotels so it kind of depends on how classy, unclassy or elvis-y you want it :)
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  • Another great website is

    Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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    Thank you for the info Marlaina I am on my way there now.  :)  2 more weeks for you I know your nervous Congrats!
  • Thank you Miss Mo on my way there now. wow 2 more weeks for you too. Yall must be nervous as heck
  • @CaliRed it really depends what kind of venue you are looking for. Do you want a banquet hall/ballroom that offers catering? Or a hotel suite that you can bring your own food to? A chapel with a restaurant in walking distance?
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  • Welcome! The buffet that seems to get the most love around here is Wicked Spoon at the Cosmo. They have private room options too and are so close to so many other hotels.
  • Depends on how much you want to spend, we are doing everything at Mirage and they have been very accommodating with the menu and we are doing a buffet.  I would think any of the casinos would be able to work with you on what you want in terms of menu.

    You could also do a chapel and then the main buffet somewhere.  

    The websites above will have some great information!  

    Congrats and happy planning!  
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • We are doing Wickedspoon, I love it. Pretty much any major hotel chapel on the strip has both a buffet and other type of food attached. You'll just have to start browsing chapels and reviews to find one that fits your vision. We are getting married at Aria, which is next to the Cosmopolitain (inside is Wickedspoon). Because the feel of Cosmo wedding chapel didn't match what we were lookinG for. Aria has a nice buffet, but I loved Wickedspoon. Of course, budget will make a difference to. I went totally nerd and made a slide show with spreadsheets and pics for all of our venue options so FI and I could compare.
  • I wanted to love wicked spoon but they have been difficult to work with for me so far. Getting married at aria too. Hey, are you using the private room @a13049?
  • Yes we are using the private room.  The minimum wan't to bad for use because its a slower week and a wednesday.  I'm really suprised you are having a hard time with them, I have had really easy time with wicked spoon.  We are doing the buffet for about 40 people (estimating of course) and adding the unlimited wine options for $10 pp.  The group sales rep sent us all of the options a couple days after we requested, I emailed her back what we wanted and she had paper work drawn up for us a week later. 
  • thank you ladies so much for all your responses and helpfulness

    @a13049 @rosebubbly @ktbabe530 @tcnoble

    Can you guys please tell me how to get the countdown timer?

  • I am 90% sure we are going with the Wedding Suite ceremony at the Cosmopolitan with the Wicked Spoon to follow. 
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    @CaliRed I just tried using the website's ticker designer and adding the HTML code to my signature... don't think it worked lol

    ETA nope didn't work (that I can see) so anyone else who knows please speak up! lol
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  • I used the website designer thing and had it the way I liked it but it still didn't come up so I PM'd @KnotPorscha with the code and she updated it for me. 
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  • Has anyone seen a review on here for Wicked Spoon for a large group NOT using the private room? I dont think its available for my date and I wonder if I should even consider it as an option. We aren't planning on doing traditional toasts and what not, but dont want i to feel weird, out in the open. We will do cake cutting etc back in our suite. About 40 people.
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