Growers Choice? (XP)

A friend referred me to local florist that she is using for her wedding. I have a really small flower budget and was going to do them myself, but on her recommendation I checked them out. They said they can do it for the price I wanted. The catch is that while I can pick the color (white) I won't get a say on the flowers, to keep costs down they will be 'growers choice'. I was assured they won't be chintzy or full of daisies, and I saw some of their work while I was there and it was really pretty. Still, I'm kind of nervous. Has anyone here done 'growers choice' (esp for a Sept wedding)? If so would you do it again? 

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Re: Growers Choice? (XP)

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    I'm actually CHOOSING to go that route! I told my florist, these are the colors I want, I don't want any roses in my bouquet (dont care about the centerpieces or my Bm's bouquets), i do like dahlias and this this and this, and I'm letting her go for it!
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    I did the same thing. We discussed general look and colors with our florist, she suggested a few flowers, and we let her run with it. She's the pro! We also had a tight budget, so we couldn't be picky about flowers. In the end, our flowers were gorgeous.
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    I'm letting the person doing my flowers pick the flowers as well. She has free range on everything except my bouquet because I wanted something very specific for that. I'm just going to trust her that she knows what she's doing. 

    Anytime we order flowers for anything else (funerals, birthdays, etc.) I always give the florist a price range and tell them to do whatever they like. I think that we get much nicer arrangements than if I go into the shop and ask for something specific or pick something pre-made. It gives them much more flexibility.
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    Getting a 'growers choice' is actually really nice.  Typically you will get more in season flowers and also some interesting picks that one wouldn't necessarily know about or think about asking for.  I would trust your florist especially if you like their work.  Getting nice flowers is only half the battle.  If your florists work sucks then it doesn't matter how pretty the flowers are because the arrangements will be ugly.  And vice versa of course.

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