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Extention Recommendations?

I have hair that hits an inch or two below my shoulders. Id like to look at extentions if i decide to wear my hair down. I've had clips in for formal occasions in high school and college sorority events. Unfortunatley, im not the same hair color. I know i can color them, but I didnt take the greatest care of them.

 Id really prefer not to do anything permanent. Id like ones that can hold curl well.

If anybody has used extentions and loved them, please let me know what brand or where you got them.



Re: Extention Recommendations?

  • When is your wedding? Have you tried taking prenatal vitamins. They make my hair grow super fast.

    IMHO, hair extension rarely look real and they are rarely comfortable.

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  • I bought the Euronext Premium Remy Clip-in Human Hair Extensions from Sallys. They seem to blend with my hair really well and they hold curl well too. Its pretty easy to color them but if you feel uncomfortable you can ask your hair stylist to do it for you.




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  • I don't use extensions, but my salon carries something called Halo Extensions. They are basically on a clear wire that goes around your head. I know that sounds stupid, but I've seen them on the girls that work there and you can't even tell they are wearing extensions.
  • @katwag: my wedding is June 21st. I have used clip in extentions before and they worked well before. My clip ins are just too blonde and damaged from improper storage and care. My hair is a few inches past my shoulders when straight, I just want extentions for a little more volume and length.

    @tammym1001: One of my BM used Halo extentions! She really liked them, they were about $350. That may be a little more than i want to spend.

    @schrammm2407: I will have to look at sallys and see if i can match those to my color.



  • That stinks that the Halo's are that expensive. I've never used extensions so I never asked about the price, but seriously it's just hair on a band and they don't even have to put them in for you. I can't believe they're that expensive!
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