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Bacherlorette Party?!

When is everyone going for their last fling?  When is it?!???!!!  We are going to Vegas for mine in June!  I'm sooo excited and can not wait to be boarding a plane to sin city for the first time! 

Re: Bacherlorette Party?!

  • Vegas will be great!!  I wanted to do that, but it's a long trip for me and now two of the people coming are knocked up and Vegas isn't as fun preggers, ha! 

    We are going to ATL for the weekend, also in June...I can't wait.  I go every year b/c I have friends there but some of my girls have never been and two friends are flying from CA for it and I haven't seen them in more than 5 years!! We rented a house and I'm almost as excited for that weekend as I am for the honeymoon (I said almost...ha)
  • I already had mine :)
  • We are going to New Orleans over Memorial Day weekend! I can't wait
  • That's awesome! We discussed Vegas, but decided we didn't have the time or the money for it, haha.


    We're going to my inlaws condo at the coast instead. My sisnlaws live out of town, so we picked the weekend before the wedding.

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  • Loveeee Vegas make sure you catch the Bellagio Water show!!! Get a matchbook from every casino. Idk why my friend made me do it my first time lol. My party is the last weekend in June. I told them I wanted to go to the beach, or mountains, or Cherokee or somewhere. Have fun!!
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  • I'm not sure what mine will be, it's going to be a surprise.  I don't actually even know what weekend it's going to be on.  Exciting :D
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  • We had for my friend a bachelorette in NYC. It was a weekend extravaganza. We went to a spa, saw Hunk-a-Mania and sex tips for straight women from a gay man and lots of bars followed by lastly brunch. Great weekend! Though I don't remember much of it, lol! 
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