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So we're about 5 months out from our wedding, and I've begun thinking about my makeup. I will be doing it myself, since I do my own makeup for work everyday. I'm an actor, so long lasting makeup that holds up through activity and sweating isn't new to me. The only thing I'm having trouble with is lipstick. I want something with decent color that won't transfer to clothing or my FI! He won't kiss me unless I'm wearing just Chapstick, but that won't cut it for the big day and all the pictures. Any reccomendations? I'm willing to spend a few bucks or make a trip to Mecca, err, Sephora if needed ;)

Re: Wedding Lipstick

  • I generally wear color stains. They stay on really well and arent greasy. Cover Girl and MAC have great colors, and they both work equally well. If you want more of a typical lipstick, I recommend Nars.
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  • I believe my lipstick was by MAC (it was a gloss not a stick).  I had a pretty neutral color since I don't wear lipstick on a daily basis.  But it stayed on all day, I think I only reapplied once and that was right before the ceremony.  It didn't crack or smudge or wear off and I am one that licks my lips and rub my lips together a lot.

  • I just popped in here because I had a similar question, my FI won't even kiss me if I'm wearing any kind of Chaptick or "lip crap" lol... sorry I don't have any advice, but thanks to all who gave some, I can use it as well!

  • For those thinking of a stain, this might work, since it includes a gloss as well:


  • I only wear non-transferable lip color. Lots of companies make them, and I have yet to encounter one that didn't stay on. 

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  • I LOVE my Stila all day lipstick. the kind I have is a super matte red that is gorgeous and doesn't transfer at all!
  • My FI is the same way, chapstick or nothing, so I use Clinique Chubby sticks daily, but they don't last.  For him it's a sticky/texture thing though, not a color transfer worry.

    I've tried a bunch of lip stains, but I haven't found one that works for me yet. I like some that Revlon have, but they all fade after eating. I tried Stila's lip&cheek stain and it gives me the lip liner look after a while.  MACs long-lasting lipstick will stay on the whole time, but it does transfer color as well.  I wore that for a wedding, hoping it would stay and it did all night even after eating and drinking, but it also got on the napkins, cup rims, my FI.  

    I'm going to look into the nontransferable lipsticks for the day of, those seem to be what people here are promoting.
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