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I'm finishing up my invitations and I had a question that seems kind of silly, but I can't seem to figure out the answer.  On the RSVP card, all the dinner options are listed.  How do you know who wants which option?  I guess it isn't a big deal for a couple, since they will be sitting next to each other.  I can just guess and then they can switch.  But what about families?  Is there a way to change the wording, or is this something other people have dealt with?
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Re: RSVP Cards

  • Can you change the wording to say something like, "Please initial the entree of your choice"? Then people will put their initials by their selection. 
  • Mine came as "indicate the number of each" or something like that, to prevent people just putting one check mark when there are multiple people coming. A lot of our family has couples with matching initials anyway so I'm just not too concerned with specifically who has what. They'll have one escort card per couple, with a stamp denoting both entree choices (2 chicken, 1 fish/1 chicken, whatever) and the waiter will just ask "which of you had the salmon?" Easy peasy.

  • Thanks for the advice about the initials that will help.  I agree about the couples, I"m not too worries about them.  I am more worried about the families where I won't have them all sitting together.  We are inviting a lot of big families  (5-6 members and under 18).  The kids all know each other and are friends so they will sit together and away from their parents.  I don't want to give little Jimmy dad's steak or vice versa.  I guess in the end I can just call and sort it out.  But at least the initials will help sort some of them out!
  • I always think the same thing on the RSVP cards with entree choices.  I like things to be really clear, and sometimes that looks confusing.  Personally, I would do it like this, (but this is tedious!!)

    Sally Sue Smith  ____accepts   ____declines
    ____ beef  _____ chicken  _____ fish   ____ vegetarian

    John Jacob Schmidt  ____accepts   ____declines
    ____ beef  _____ chicken  _____ fish   ____ vegetarian

    Lady Gaga  ____accepts   ____declines
    ____ beef  _____ chicken  _____ fish   ____ vegetarian

    (the names would be handwritten in on the line that is normally there)

    In my case, most of our invites are parties of 2 or 3, so I plan on ordering RSVP cards with either 2 lines or 3, and filling the info in for specific people.  Yes, this is more work.   I don't want a party of 2 to get a RSVP card with 3 lines, because that would look weird (and open the door for names to be written in!) so I'll order some 2-line cards and some 3-line. 

    i would not do this.  we just asked them to initial entree selection, and have had no problem with the rsvp's that have come back.  i think the above would look cluttered and is overkill.  
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