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single panel pocket

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Has anyone used a single panel pocket and *not* mounted the invitation on the back? I really love the idea of doing tiered inserts into a pocket, because it keeps everything organized, but I just don't want to deal with gluing the invitation. 

Would it be better to... 
1.) Have the invitation as the top tiered enclosure (followed by accommodations, map/directions, and RSVP as tiered inserts). The invitation would then be behind all the other inserts, which bothers me because it is the most important piece. 

2.) Have the invitation as its own separate sheet, and stacked separately on top of the panel pocket (which would contain the other inserts). These two pieces could be banded together in some way, but be separate. 

3.) Abandon the pocket idea altogether. Although, this makes me sad! 

What do you think, ladies?

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Re: single panel pocket

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    It really doesn't take that long to attach the invite to the back of the pocket.  Just a swipe with some double sided tape and plop the invite on.

    But if you really don't want to full with it I would go with option 2 and just use a belly band to hold them all together.

    I don't like the first option for the reason you listed.  The invitation is the most important part of the entire thing so it should really be front and center.

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