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ushers processing? or "extended" wp members processing with symbolic flowers?

Would it be totally weird if we opened the ceremony with two relatives holding nosegays processing down the aisle then taking their seats in the front row? Their official title will probably be usher, but is anyone aware of any other role this might fill?  I've thought about having them deliver candlesticks to the chuppah, but our rabbi nixed that idea because he said he liked to have everything set up beforehand (boo!).  I've still thought that maybe they could bring flowers to put on either side of the table where our kiddish cup, candlesticks, etc will be? One set of flowers could symbolize people we've lost or past generations. The other could be future generations?

If we had been more organized and wanted a larger bridal party one of them (my brother's fiance who I don't know very well) might have been a bridesmaid and the other (the daughter of a cousin who included me in her wedding) would have been a junior bridesmaid.
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