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They seem pretty hard to find... : / I've been looking through all of the previous posts and comments and they only seem to reflect the same few venues that I've found in my research. I'm thinking my best bet might be "venues" that aren't typically used as such, but I have limited resources for scoping out that type of thing. I'm looking for somewhere with a rustic/vintage/fairy tale feel between the Wexford and Kittanning areas. I'm thinking maybe outdoor wedding/indoor reception...???. Something twinkly and romantic ; ) As far as budget...well...low...verrryyy I don't see the sense in spending $1,000+ JUST for a venue, nor do I plan on a wedding that costs the same as my car!! I'm def a DIY bride through and through, but I realize that there are certain things beyond my expertise. Numbers-wise, I'm not too sure...probably 100 max. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated : )

Re: Unconventional Budget Venues

  • From my experience, rustic/vintage/fairy tails venues are surprisingly expensive. I figured that I would look at some rustic barns in the area between Pittsburgh and central-ish PA, and I found one that was $10,000 just to rent, plus, it was like an extra $50 at least if you had a group that was over 100. We ended up going with the Georgetown Center (which was perfect for our budge, and honestly, I love the look and feel of the place), just because what I thought would be cheap was waayy too expensive, even though I'm a DIY bride, as well. I hope you find what you're looking for. I know it wasn't much help, but I just wanted to let you know my experience. Good luck :)
  • Have you looked at Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia? I don't know a lot about having an event there but do know the room rental fees are reasonable and there are indoor/outdoor options and it looks like a nice atmosphere, like what you are looking for. I think the one limitation is not being able to bring in liquor. Maybe they will do beer and wine but I don't know. Obviously definitely wine but not everyone wants wine!!
  • Thanks for the responses, ladies : ). It's SUCH a bummer to repeatedly come across venues that are thousands of dollars just on their own, plus catering, booze, tax, gratuity, etc. I think I have checked out that winery, but I'll check into it again. I've looked at so many places that they've started molding together in my mind! Lol.
  • So this is not a vintage feel at all but it's a great value. Check out Arista Catering, they run the Holy Trinity Center banquet facility (yes, its attached to a church which seems a little weird but the facility is brand new and really nice) across from LaRoche. Joanne is amazing to work with and the prices are super affordable. I'm paying $39.50 a person for a sit down dinner, that price includes basic linens, soft drinks, coffee and appetizers. As long as you spend more than the rental (varies depending on how many rooms you use) the fee is waved. We're using her for our wedding next fall.
  • does look very nice.  There don't seem to be very many pictures, though.  Where are the best ones you've found?
  • You're right they really don't have good picture up of the venue. While this is not a good picture it gives you a sense of their room. ( It's really worth seeing in person.
  • Check out Teutonia Mannerchor on the North Side.  It's $450 to rent and holds about 225 comfortably.  It is hard to get in touch with the guy on occasion, but the space was built in the 1850s and still has the charm.  Many features haven't been updated. 
  • North Park has a couple of rental spaces that are rustic.  Obviously that means doing the decorating and outside catering but a couple have potential.
  • I'm in a similar place.  Really had my heart set on a barn type wedding but finding it impossibly expensive.  :/

  • Historic Harmony rents their restored 1805 barn for only $400 and it's beautiful.
  • I looked at so many pricey barns before we booked's a trend right now and unfortunately that means paying extra :(
  • Where did you end up booking your wedding? I'm looking for the same type of place you mentioned
  • The Farm on the Ridge in Hooversville, PA (Johnstown area) is reasonably priced...under $1000 I believe.
  • The Mayernik Center in Avonworth.
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