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Sort of embarrassing...

I am one of those make-up challenged girls who goes with just some Mabelline blackest black falsies non-waterproof mascara and Alba coconut lime lip balm. I use a 3 step facial routine daily with extra hydrating/sensative skin products by clearasil, and have been using these products for a few years now. I do wear contacts, the same brand since I was a teen, and I've been using the Clear Care solution for a little over a year. Recently, over the past month or so, I have been getting super dry eyelids that like to flake and look kinda icky. I put Neosporin on them and it seems to help. I've tried not wearing my contacts for a few days, not wearing any make-up, not using the cleansing products...nothing is making this embarrassing dryness go away. Could it be as simple as I've just developed allergies and should start taking Zyrtec or something of the sort? That's really the only thing I haven't tried because I've never had seasonal type allergies before. Any make-up savvy ladies have suggestions?

Re: Sort of embarrassing...

  • Sounds like it's time to see a doctor!
  • I echo trying to switch products, and seeing a doctor.  It could be a reaction to something you're using, or maybe even something you're doing in terms of diet, stress, etc (Because that seriously does affect your skin!!!) 

    For quick fixes, I would recommend you try coconut oil or Vitamin E oil (You can find vitamin E in a small bottle of it in the supplement aisle of your local grocery or health food store.  It comes in capsules too, and I have broken those open to use as a face mask/spa treatment, but they're stickier than the bottle of oil) 

     I ADORE coconut oil because while you read oil and would think "Greasy and will cause zits," it's actually the opposite.  It sinks right into your skin WITHOUT clogging pores, so it's an excellent, nourishing, all natural, gentle, and non- irritating moisturizer.  I would use this for during the day when you don't want to have shiny eyelids all day but still want to fix the dryness.

    Vitamin E is what I use on my eye area at night (GREAT for conditioning lashes, IMO) and it will leave you feeling a bit greasy, as it doesn't all sink in right away, but it also does not block pores or cause zits.  I would suggest putting this on at night and letting it sink in overnight, as nobody is going to care if your eyelids are slightly shiny/oily when you're asleep- in the morning, when it has all been absorbed into the skin, you will notice your skin just looks better and is less dry.
  • I started getting these bright pink dry patches on my cheeks that would go away and reappear. I stopped wearing makeup for 3 months and it was still on and off, not really clearing up. I went to a dermatologist and he just gave me a strong hydro-cortisone ointment and said it's fine. Well it's been a few months and it's the same thing where sometimes it pops up out of the blue and some days it's gone. Like wtf. I'm going to go back to a diff doctor and ask if it's rosacea or something. So annoying. 
    But last year I did have bright pink flaky eyelids and I figured out it was from allergies. I had been rubbing the crap out of my eyes in my sleep. I tried every allergy pill on the market and the only one that worked was benedryl allergy. 



  • Great advice! Thank you all very much! I will be implemeting these treatments/resolutions as soon as I can get the moisturizers. I think I may be rubbing my eyes also, my FI mentioned that he noticed when I'm extra sleepy I rub them..and I don't even notice I'm doing it.
  • Definitely see a doctor.  My friend had the same issue and her eyelids became sore from all of the peeling skin.  Her doctor gave her some steroid cream to help keep it under control.  I'm not certain what the diagnosis was, but I know she got relief from the cream.
  • Not embarrassing at all! 

    Its important that you go to a dermatologist - and not a regular GP. They won't know what their talking about and they'll probably give you a steroid which won't get to the source of this. 

    I was suffering from this about a year ago and turns out it was an infection of sorts that was hanging out. It presented itself it the form of redness, flaking, very dry patches on my eyelids. I was given an antibiotic cream - not a steroid - as steroids don't actually kill an infection. 

    In the meantime, until you can get an appt, I would use solely Vitamin E oil. This will only moisturize the dry skin - it won't help to heal the infection. 

    Good luck! 
  • Thanks everyone! I picked up some of the aquaphor ointment this weekend, and even in the one use I was able to apply so far, it seems to be working. I put it on after my shower and went to a bridal show, all day long I didn't even notice that it was there. No itching, no flaking, no redness! I like that a little goes a long way, and it's not terribly shiny. I've also switched my mascara to Almay since it's hypoallergenic and approved for contact lens wearers. Seems to be doing the trick!
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  • My eye doctor told me to wash my eyelashes and eyebrows gently with shampoo to get off allergens/pollen/dust etc.
  • I think I've come across the source of my problem in the past couple of days.... It didn't occur to me that where I work the building is pretty old and my task for the past few weeks has been going in and out of the musty, dusty, old as time storage room to retrieve boxes dated > 7 years to destroy the documents. I'm anal about washing my hands, and my hair is normally pulled back out of my face, it just didn't dawn on me that this was probably the issue until I noticed that when I was off for a few days, everything was fine. I didn't set foot at work for about 3 days in a row and by the second day I didn't notice my eyes....(no redness, irritation, flaking, itching). I came back to work yesterday and by last night, red, bloodshot, itchy....Time to find a new job LOL
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