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Sending invites to people you know cannot attend

I have a few people in my family that I was going to send invitations to, but when they got our STDs, they told my mother that they wouldn't be going because that is the time school starts for their kids. I am totally good with that, I already knew that, I sent them the STDs because I knew that if I didn't, they would be upset that they didn't get consideration. So my question is- Do I send them invitations anyway? Do I send a note along with the invitation saying I understand that they can't make it, but they will be in our thoughts? I don't want to send them one if it is going to upset them, KWIM??? TIA!

Re: Sending invites to people you know cannot attend

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    Yes, send them the invitation anyway. Plans can always change - especially over the course of a few months ; you'd rather them have the opportunity to come rather than not, you know? I don't think a note is necessary at all. but if it makes you feel better, I think it's fine to shoot them an email/text/phone call to catch up and say that you just wanted to send them an invitation in case their plans ended up changing.
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    Thank you! I think I will do follow up emails! :)
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    We had a few people that said they wouldn't be able to make it after we sent out save the dates, but then were able to make it work and rsvp'd yes! Definitely still send.
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    I admire that you sent the save the dates to the guests. Though they cannot make it to your wedding. I think it is good to send invitations to such people also as their plans might change anytime and they might show up. If you would not send the card, they would not come regardless of the circumstances.
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