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BM dress trouble - frustrating!!

I am a bridesmaid for a cousin's wedding in May.  I said I would be okay with the dress since it doesn't show cleavage (I am a 32F).  But I didn't notice the low back!  

I have had SO much trouble finding a bra for it...aaahhh!!

At the recommendation of the local salon, I tried having cups sewn in.  That didn't work.  I bought a sticky bra.  Didn't work.  I bought a longline low back bra.  It's perfect, except the hooks in the back are visible!  Nope, not doing that.

Is anybody aware of a solution for this?

Re: BM dress trouble - frustrating!!

  • Where do the hooks show? In that little cut-out area? Can you have a modesty panel sewn in there?

    Otherwise, I don't have a lot of suggestions, but try posting this on the attire board; they might have suggestions.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • Can you pin or double-sided tape the dress to your bra to hide the hooks?
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    How many hooks show?  Is it just the top two out of 15?  Can you tuck them back into the bra so they don't show?

    Anyway you can share a pic of the back so we can get a look at what is showing on you?  We would be better able to help that way!


    ETA: Did you try a push up bra?  I'm a DD and my last BM dress and the one for my friend's wedding coming up, the straps were off to the side and the back of the bra sat much lower than standard bras and that worked for me, even with the lower backs on the dresses.  Unless the back is plunging that may work.

  • depending on where it shows, can you push it farther and either pin or velcro it to stay lower?

  • It is not very evident in the photos but the dress has a connecting strip in the lower back, with a small opening below.  I was thinking I could position the low back bra underneath the connecting strip, but the strip was just not wide enough to cover it.  Overall, perhaps 1 of the 3 back hooks showed, but the bra gets wider but the connecting strip doesn't, so something like 1 or 2 inches of bra fabric showed. To be honest I didn't think about trying to tuck in the extra fabric.  I returned the bra unfortunately.  I do not have a picture but here is the link to the bra I used.

    Low back bra

    I have not inquired about a modesty panel, but I am worried that it would stand out.  I have not tried an actual push-up bra, although the sticky bra I tried was supposed to be a push up (and it wasn't at least on me!).

    Thanks for the help!!

  • I'm not sure which brand of sticky bra you tried, but I purchased a Victoria's Secret one and I absolutely loved it. I'm a C and it definitely gave enough support and was secure enough for a full day of use!
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  • I would either try a clear backless bra extender (probably the cheapest option, so personally I'd try that first) or get the longline bra back if it fit you we'll and have your seamstress work magic. A modesty panel or widening the connecting strap could both be options. Also, did you know bras can be altered? Your seamstress may be able to remove the fabric that shows and the top hook, or sorta hem down the "tucked" fabric like someone suggested, and/or sew the bra into the dress if it nearly shows so it doesn't slip
  • Is it possible to get a bra like the one you had (low back) but with a clear back strap with the fastener/hooks on the side? That way the only thing going along your back would be a clear strap about 2 inches wide so noone would notice unless they got VERY close.
  • Singinchick13 - do you know where to get a bra like that??  It sounds perfect!
  • I would get the longline altered. I had my bra altered and it was really simple and only added about 10 dollars to the costs of my alterations.
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