Photography Styles vs Budget

My fiancé always says "honey, it's not taste you lack - just money!" and he is right! We are planning the wedding and have agreed that photography is REALLY important to us, but we want to stay on budget. I am having trouble finding some "happy mediums" between what styles of photography I like and what I can afford. One photographer has an amazingly priced pkg - includes and engagement session and photos for 9 hours and a Photo Booth etc. but her photos are dark. I am finding that with a lot of photographers the pictures are filtered to look darker. I prefer lighter! We loved Renaissance Studios and are considering it but their cheapest pkg is $200 over budget and doesn't seem to include much. So, can I ask the more affordable photographer to play with other styles and lighting/filters? Can I ask the more expensive photographer to negotiate a different price? Does anyone have any in the Hamilton region they can recommend? Thanks!
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