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My FI and I have been semi-engaged since February of 2012, but the true proposal with him down on one knee in the place where we first connected was in August of 2012. In March of this year, we set a date. FINALLY. October 24, 2015. I have 18 months to go, but I CANNOT stop wedding planning. It is like an obsession/addiction. I already have our save the dates picked out and the MOH dress. I know that everything suggests not to send out STD until like 8 to 10 months before, but I really want to get them sent out early because we have a lot of out-of-state guests. Should I slow my roll? Or should I send them out early, like right before the holidays this year?

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    I would wait until February.  There is so much mail surrounding the holidays, and your STD could get lost in the clutter.
    Don't choose you wedding party until next spring.  There is so much drama on the boards about bridesmaids and changing relationships.
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    Thank you for your input :) I may order them and then just hold off on mailing them out
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    hold off!  lots of things can change in that time!  relationships, budgets, etc.
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    Do you have your ceremony and reception venue booked yet? If you don't, I wouldn't even order the STD's. What if you can't find a venue for the date you want or you end up finding a venue in a different city than your STD's say. If you already have everything booked though then you can go ahead and order STD's.
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     Congrats on choosing a wedding date! I also got to planning everything super early! I loved the whole process! :)

     I agree with tammym1001! Wait until you have your ceremony & reception venues booked, before sending out/ordering save-the-dates! If you do have them booked, then I wouldn't see an issue with ordering them now. 

     We sent out our save-the-dates a year before our wedding, as we also had a lot of OOT guests. I personally wouldn't wait until the new year to send them out. I'd do it between Oct and Dec of this year. From reading around on here, most people seem to send them out a year or so prior to their weddings. 

     Congrats & happy planning!


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    First off, congrats!

    In terms of when to send your Save the Dates, I would definitely try to hold off until this Fall/the holidays.  We are getting married exactly one year before you and we sent our Save the Dates about a year in advance because my parents were throwing us an engagement party and FI's Aunt and I came up with this super cute idea to package them together.  While I loved them, I kind of wish I had something to send out this Spring to nudge people to book their hotel rooms early.  Sure, the moms have all the info and we have a wedding website and what not but I don't think it is getting a lot of traffic.  99% of our guests are OOT.  Its not a big deal, just something I might do differently.

    In terms of when to order them, its really up to you and if you have the venue and date confirmed then its not a big deal.  However, 18 months is a long time and you might change your mind about the colors or style of your wedding between now and when you are ready to mail them.  That's the main reason I might hold off in your shoes.
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    I wouldn't send them out earlier than 10 months...we did our at 8 months and abot 95% of our guests are from OOT.  In addition to making sure you have everything major booked before you order them I would also remind you that a STD=an invite, so you may want to hold off until it gets closer in case your budget has be cut. 

    Also congrats and happy planning!

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    Yeah, I'd hold off on STD's.  I sent ours about 10 months out and we are doing destination wedding so 100% of our guests are OOT. And you certainly need to make sure you have the big things booked (like venue) prior to printing anything, as this could affect date or location.

    It's not uncommon to be excited about planning.  We took about 4-5 months after engagement before even really starting planning at all. We booked everything somewhat quickly, then I've just been slowly working on DIY customizations since then. My sister, on the other hand, got engaged on a Thursday and by end of day Monday she had already booked the venue, caterer, entertainment, had décor selected, had asked her BM's, and was already shopping for dresses (which she purchased within a week).  Literally, within a week, she had the whole wedding planned and booked.

    It's easy to get obsessed with it... but just because you are planning now, doesn't mean you need to send everything out right now. I lot can change during that time or you may find things you like better. Or you can use that time to tweak items and get them perfect (I spent 6 months tweaking my DIY STD... everyone loved them).


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    Yes, whether or not you have secured a venue for your date is important to know. Until you do that, you don't officially have a wedding date. 
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